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Dor Eckstein: The Genius Fitness Instructor from Israel

Fitness Instructor

There are hardly a handful of people who would say, “I love to exercise. Exercising liberates me!” You can’t deny that most people want a good physique but don’t want to do the hard work to achieve their dream figure. 

One of the reasons behind this is they feel exercising is monotonous. But Dor Eckstein, a fitness instructor from Israel, wants to change this. He already has more than 9,000 satisfied clients who achieved their fitness goals, thanks to his personalized fitness programs. Today, we are lucky to have him with us.

Q: Mr. Eckstein, what made you come into the fitness industry?

A: I was overweight until 15 years old. I never really liked how I looked because my friends were all slim and fit. I was the slob in the group. Eventually, I enrolled in a gym and started following a diet plan. This change inspired me to explore the fitness industry more. I started reading articles about fitness and nutrition and then considered it my career because I wanted to help people who didn’t feel enthusiastic about working out.

Q: Why do you think people don’t want to work out?

A: In my opinion, people consider exercising as a monotonous routine. They think that they can’t commit to working out regularly. And I think that’s true. You can achieve desirable results by working out only thrice a week and following a diet plan. You don’t have to go to the gym or exercise for hours every day. When you can achieve similar results by working out three times a week, why go through a more exhausting and time-consuming process?

Q: Then, what is your approach to helping your clients achieve their fitness goals?

A: I am not a professional bodybuilder whose only goal is to look muscular. I always prefer healthy living over muscular looks. Therefore, I don’t tell my clients to spend hours at the gym. Instead, I encourage them to eat a maximum of 3 satisfying meals every day and work out 3 strength training exercises every week. 

Of course, I’m not ruling out aerobics, and I think that you should include that in your fitness regime, but you shouldn’t skip strength training. Yes, the exercises differ according to different body types and fitness goals. But overall, I stick to this plan, and it has worked wonders for more than 9,000 clients so far.

Q: But isn’t working out regularly better for your health? Why do you oppose that concept?

A: I agree that it is logical to think that the more you work out, the quicker you get your desired results. But you need to allow your nervous system to rest as well. you shouldn’t lift weights every day. especially if you lift heavy. you need time to recover between workouts. That will affect your work, and eventually, you would want to focus on what you do to earn money instead of your fitness goals. That’s why I feel that working out regularly isn’t for everyone.

Thank you, Mr. Eckstein, for your valuable time. We are sure that you will continue to help people lose weight and lead a healthier and fitter life.

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