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Document Control Software

HGI Document Control Software Overview 

HGI document control software is a simple organizational program designed to control the life-cycle of any and all documents. These types of software programs are generally always used in business type settings, but can be just as useful for personal use as well. Keeping track of documents is frustrating for everyone. Sometimes searching for information feels like dodging a bullet, especially when you can’t locate a file you specifically know for a fact you have saved somewhere for a certain occasion. The struggle to locate just the right information at the right time is complicated and very time-consuming. Fumbling through materials and/or databases to locate a specific presentation or project in front of fellow businessmen, gives your brand a bad reputation.

Why Use HGI Document Control Software?

Harrington Group International software specializes in providing high quality, efficient, and effective performance products to help their customers thrive in the development and expansion of their businesses. The best way to make a business successful is to improve business performance and HGI has just the tools to ensure an enriching business experience. With professional dedication, HGI has created document control software that makes the perfect fit for any business to run successfully.

Benefits of HGI Document Control Software

Fortunately, HGI document control software is used to make all document related processes quick and simple. That file that appears to have vanished can be located in a matter of seconds with HGI document control software. Lack of organization leads to a lack of cooperation and results in a lack of achievement. Keeping track of paperwork sounds simple enough, but in reality, it is the most complex and easily skewed part of documentation. Without organized management, which requires appropriate documentation, every part of a business is vulnerable to failure.

What is the Purpose of HGI Document Control Software?

The purpose of HGI document control software is to keep track of paperwork while improving efficiency, quality, productivity and saving money. Created to improve performance, HGI document control software is a life-saver for businesses. Utilizing document control software such as what HGI offers, keeps the very core of a business protected. Software systems that are created for document control can track the full life-cycle of all documentation from the creation of the original document, to all references and revisions, and finally the security and authority level that is required to be given access to such important documents.

Functions of Document Control Software

The main function of Harrington Group International document control software is to keep businesses running smoothly, and efficiently. All companies require some form of organization and document control software is the only reliable and efficient way to keep things in order. Hiring someone to physically thread through a company’s files and paperwork not only costs more, but it is time-consuming as well. However, technology can run through processes that would take humans months to thread through, in a matter of seconds. Instead of risking violations and fees because manual document control takes so long, you can worry about other things, such as how to better promote your product.

Features of Document Control Software

When choosing to partner with Harrington Group International either through purchasing their product, using their services, or joining into a business partnership, you can guarantee outstanding quality in return. HGI aims for their software to be ply-able, so customizable features are a must. These special features of the HGI document software system include: power and flexibility; a revision control module; and reference – management.

  • Empowerment and Ease of Access

Having complete control over every aspect of documentation is a vital part of running a company. HGI enables businesses with the means to protect restricted documents through controlling who can and cannot access them. Additionally, this document control system gives anyone who has been given predetermined authority, instant access to any documents within the system. Instant access eliminates processing delays and looks good for the company. Being able to demonstrate preparedness to others reflects positively on business reputation.

  • Harrington Quality Management System (HQMS) Document Management Software Control Module

With customization being a major priority for Harrington Group International, it is imperative that all software systems are fully customizable, and document control would not be complete without a revision control module. This added perk allows for a completely secure document archive, ensuring safe and secure data transfer. In addition to safety, HGI document control helps pinpoint any duplication throughout the whole system so that resources can be better utilized. From creation to archive, and archive to destruction, the lifespan of each document is easily traceable.

  • Reference Management

With a straightforward, and simple user interface, documents can be uploaded at any time with the automated ability to save in a way that can be quickly and easily referenced at any given time in the future. This reference system can track any keyword and show you all the resulting documents, modules, hyperlinks, resources, etc. of your entire organization. This swift navigation ability makes cross-referencing a one – step process, saving time and resulting in more productivity.

All businesses require document control to keep every aspect of their company afloat. It’s crucial to have access to important certification documents when requested by authorities at any given time. Avoiding non-compliance does away with the worry about fines, and that is done through keeping track of those vital documents. Stating the obvious, the main benefit of document control software is to eliminate or at least minimize the confusion and hassle of locating appropriate documentation in a very timely manner. Organization stems from order and paperwork simply cannot be accessed efficiently without a controlled systemic level of organization. This being said, document control software increases productivity levels while simultaneously reducing overall business costs. This software can also save businesses from encountering legal obstacles and navigating the non-conformity processes.

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