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Diablo 4 Best Nightmare Dungeons for Experience, Gold Farming and Legendary Loot Guides

Since the recent patch 1.0.3, Diablo 4 has undergone significant changes that have revitalized the game. Experience gain has increased, making Nightmare dungeons the most efficient way to farm experience. In this guide, we will revisit the best Nightmare dungeons for experience and Diablo 4 Gold farming, taking into account the new teleportation system and the potential experience per hour figures. Additionally, we’ll explore a new legendary loot farm location that offers an impressive number of elites. Let’s dive in!

The Loot Cave: Mercy’s Reach in Fractured Peaks

One of the most lucrative farming spots for legendary loot is Mercy’s Reach in Fractured Peaks. This dungeon is located at the northern end before the map turns into Skulls Glen. The first objective is to slay three elite enemies, usually found in a small box-shaped area. After clearing them, you’ll often encounter another pack of three elites. The second objective is where the real rewards lie. You’ll need to return mechanical boxes to pedestals, and the paths are straightforward. Two hallways lead off the pedestal area, each ending in a room full of elites with the objective item inside. Typically, the hallways themselves contain packs of three elites. Clear the room, head back to the pedestal area, take the other hallway, and repeat the process. In total, you’ll kill 26 elites per run. Reset the dungeon once all elites are defeated, as the following objective is not worth farming legendaries for.

Legendary Farming Potential: 26 Elites, 2 Legendaries per Run

On average, running Mercy’s Reach in 90 seconds allows you to defeat 26 elites and obtain approximately two legendaries per run. Extrapolating this data, you can potentially farm 80 legendaries per hour. Additionally, you can kill over 1,000 elites in an hour using this farming strategy, making it the most efficient way to acquire loot.

Experience Farming in Nightmare Dungeons

Since the patch, Nightmare dungeons have become the best way to farm experience. The old reset method has been patched out, so the recommended approach is to run the dungeons to completion. With an 80% boost to experience gained from monsters and completion rewards, nightmare dungeons feel rewarding and efficient. Even the less efficient dungeons now provide better experience gain than non-nightmare dungeons.

Choosing the Right Nightmare Dungeon

When deciding which nightmare dungeons to prioritize, consider your build and the level difference between your character and the monsters. Previously, monster bonus XP was capped at three levels above your character. However, this cap has been removed, allowing you to gain more XP from monsters above the three-level threshold. Although monsters more than three levels above you provide more experience, they also become significantly harder to kill, resulting in diminishing returns. The ideal strategy is to run nightmare dungeons that are a minimum of three levels above you and offer smooth, comfortable gameplay. If a dungeon is ten levels above you but takes ten times longer to clear than one only three levels above, it’s no longer worth doing for experience farming.

Top Nightmare Dungeons for Experience Farming

Blind Burrows: Offers around 1.8 million experience for a full clear. Can be completed in approximately 2-2.5 minutes, averaging 43.2-54 million experience per hour with an efficient build.

Guulrahn Canals: Features exceptional clear time and high mob density. A solid choice for efficient experience farming.

Sunken Ruins: Improved by the ability to teleport to the entrance, this dungeon offers great density and approximately 1.9 million experience in a 3.5-minute run.

Raethwind Wilds: A quick dungeon with good density, providing efficient experience gain.

Alderwood: Fast and filled with mobs, this dungeon offers a rewarding experience farm.

Maulwood: Another speedy dungeon with a high number of monsters.

Other Worthwhile Nightmare Dungeons:

Demon’s Wake (Skulls Glen)

Whispering Pines (Skulls Glen)

Champions Demise (Dry Steps)

Witch Water (Howl’s Haunt)

Kor Dragan Barracks (Fractured Peaks)

Lost Archives (Fractured Peaks)


With the recent patch, Diablo 4 has seen significant improvements in terms of experience gain and loot farming. Nightmare dungeons have become the most efficient way to farm experience, providing substantial rewards even for less efficient dungeons. By choosing the appropriate nightmare dungeons for your build and skill level, you can maximize your experience gain per hour. Additionally, the legendary loot farm location, Mercy’s Reach, offers an incredible number of elites, allowing you to acquire many legendaries. Utilize these strategies to enhance your Diablo 4 journey and achieve your leveling and loot goals. Happy hunting!

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