David Reagan, Atlanta Personal Trainer, Reviews the Top Fitness Apps of 2023

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Technology today has made just about everything in life easier. The Atlanta-certified personal trainer David Reagan says this also applies to fitness.

Many fitness apps are available for all mobile devices that help people create fitness plans based on their goals, track their progress, and connect them with others for support.

Below is a comprehensive look at some of the top fitness apps of 2023.


Future is a unique app that connects users to personal fitness trainers. Through the app, your coach will create a workout customized to you and your needs, give you feedback and check in with you regularly.

When creating this program, the coach will factor in what equipment you have, your overall fitness goals, and your current fitness level. You’ll take a quiz when you get started to help tailor your workout to your liking.

The Future app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It costs $149 per month, which is expensive compared to some other fitness apps, but it’s affordable compared to hiring a personal trainer to work out with you in person.


The FitOn app provides many on-demand and live classes to choose from and follow. The focuses are dance, strength, cardio, pilates, HIIT, and more. There are even exercise programs for postnatal and prenatal mothers.

The app is free, which is outstanding, and you can even personalize a fitness plan for yourself. One of the downsides is that there is so much available that it can be challenging to find your way if you don’t go in with a knowledge of fitness.

You can upgrade to the FitOn Pro version for $29.99 per year, gain access to exclusive programs, and download classes to follow offline.


If you’re a runner or cycler, the Strava app might be right for you. This free app runs on GPS and can connect multiple GPS devices. It’s available for iOS and Android devices and Fitbit, Garmin, and Suunto watches.

You can connect to other people through the app to motivate each other and share information about your workout. You can also choose to have your workout routines kept private if you want.

While the focus is on running, you can use the Strava app to track your walking, cycling, and even water sports activities. Some users have reported some discrepancies between Strava data and GPS data.


If you’re into strength training, then David Reagan, Atlanta certified personal trainer, points out Ladder as a solid fitness app. Through the app, you can connect to strength coaches with specialties in different fields.

You’ll enter information about your preferred training style, goals, how often your workouts will be, and the equipment you have to use. Then, you’ll be matched with a coach who can help.

A downside is that it only works on Apple mobile devices. You can download the app for free and then pay to have a one-on-one coach for about $50 per month.

About David Reagan

David Reagan is a NASM Certified personal trainer from Atlanta, GA, specializing in weight loss, personalized workout plans, bodybuilding, and nutrition. He caters to high-end clients and executives, helping them achieve their fitness goals by accommodating their busy schedules. The client’s needs come first, and David’s fitness plan will set you up on the path to success.

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