5 Fitness Apps That Provide Awesome Motivation

Fitness Apps Motivation

For many people, staying in shape is a futile exercise as they can simply never keep up. Whether it’s due to laziness, a lack of time or simple boredom, the fact is that many people aren’t nearly as active as they should be. If that sounds like you, worry no more! The following applications are designed to give you a little extra push by giving you extra reasons to stay fit, so if you need a little extra motivation, just choose the one that sounds right for you.

Impress The Girls (Or Guys)

People want to get into shape for lots of different reasons, and few will deny that attracting a member of the opposite sex is one of them. If that sounds like you, then you’ll surely enjoy the premise of Burn Your Fat With Me, which is a kind of anime dating simulator where you must attempt to impress your digitized darling with an improved physique. 

The app attempts to spark motivation through the use of that warm feeling that occurs when an attractive person compliments you on your looks. Users can play along with a Story mode that progresses the more you get into shape. The harder you workout, the better you’ll look, and the more impressed your anime sweetheart will become! Just know that the more you impress her, the more she will reveal! 

Ladies needn’t be disappointed, as there’s a female version of the app complete with a number of muscle-bound macho men who’re only too keen to flirt while you hurt from all that strenuous activity. 

Download on iOS and Android.

Stay Alive Among The Undead 

If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead and have an active imagination, you’ll find yourself right at home within the undead world of Zombies, Run! 

It’s a gamified fitness app where you become a survivor of the zombie apocalypse, tasked with hunting for essential supplies to keep your fellow camp dwellers alive. You have to get out and about with your headphones plugged in as the app relates a compelling storyline and describes your next mission, which could involve running to collect food or gather intel or something else. The key is that you must do it quickly, as every task has a time limit. But beware, from time to time you’ll come across zombies and be forced to pick up the pace to outrun your death-defying foe in a heart-stopping chase sequence – great for those who enjoy interval running. 

Download on iOS and Android.

Make Money With Movement

Attracting hot anime chicks and staying alive isn’t enough motivation for everyone, but maybe the prospect of free money is? Sweatcoin is an app that actually pays you to stay fit – yes, you heard that right! 

With Sweatcoin, you can run, jog or walk, whatever takes your fancy. The idea is that, so long as you move, you’ll get paid for every step you take. Users are rewarded in cryptocurrency, earning 1 SWEAT for every 1,000 steps their smartphone records, up to a maximum of 5 SWEAT (5,000 steps) per day. 

Sweatcoin is one of an emerging breed of “move-to-earn” fitness apps and it’s bringing real value to movement. Users can use the SWEAT they earn each day to opt into prize draws and win all kinds of products, ranging from iPhones and Mac computers to fitness equipment and apparel. They can also choose to donate their SWEAT to charity, or swap it on an exchange for Bitcoin and then just cash it out. Truly, with Sweatcoin, it pays to get up and about, and that explains why it was one of the most downloaded health and fitness apps of all in 2022. To date, it already has 130 million users and growing. 

Download on iOS and Android.

Embrace The Abuse

Some people respond better to abuse than they do incentives, and if that sounds like you, then maybe Carrot Fit is the app you need. 

It’s a rather amusing concept, where instead of trying to encourage you to keep fit with the prospect of rewards, a talking CARROT will instead ridicule your miserable efforts, shouting insults, calling you lazy and fat, and doing whatever else it takes to shame you into exercising more. 

The CARROT acts as your fitness overlord, and along with the insults he’ll subtly encourage you with various workout ideas and tips for doing them properly. After each exercise session, jump on the scales and let CARROT know your weight, and he’ll happily pass judgment. Just beware that he isn’t easily impressed, and will no doubt insist you try MUCH harder! 

All told, Carrot Fit provides 24 short, seven-minute workouts you can try, ranging from punching exercises to crazy dance moves, all designed to get you going and burn off that fat. If you do manage please CARROT, and that’s not easy to do, you might just get a reward or two. 

Download on iOS.

Be The Best There Is

Being number one is the biggest motivation for many, and that’s what Strava encourages you to do with its competitive fitness app that pits you against others in your area. 

For each stretch of road in your city that’s popular with runners, Strava has created leaderboards that show who is the fastest at clearing those routes. So, you want to show you’re better? Then simply download the app, create a profile, head to the nearest route, which could be a road or track, and then start pounding that trail! The app will track your progress and then display your results on the leaderboard, so you can show them who is the boss! Just remember that if you do get to the top of the rankings, someone else will be even more motivated to try and beat your time and take you down. And that will give you all the motivation you need to come back and beat them again! By competing, you’re guaranteed to get fit. 

Download on iOS and Android.

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