DarleyGo Successfully Raises $1.6 Million from IDO

DarleyGo Blockchain

Immersive horseracing game, DarleyGo, has announced the successful completion of its initial dex offering round for its DGE token, a total of $1.6 million was raised.

DarleyGo also disclosed plans to list the DGE token on several exchanges in the future to make it straightforward for everyone to purchase and trade. Currently, the token is available for purchase on Raydium. 

DGE is the governance token of the game that empowers the players to breed horses, stake, participate in the governance of the ecosystem. Following the success of the IDO, the team sets its sight on accomplishing other objectives, such as launching the Trainer and Breeding Mode alongside the Racing Tournament. 

DarleyGo: An Evolution in Horseracing Gaming 

 DarleyGo is an online horseracing game that leverages the power of NFT and blockchain technology. It is a modern pay-to-earn game launched on the Solana ecosystem, which is popular for its speed, low fees, and efficiency. The latest introduction of NFTs brings a whole new concept to horseracing games while gluing customers with amazing adventures and rewarding them with in-game tokens. DarleyGo uses this cutting-edge technology to simultaneously bring their players new and quick adventures while earning in-game tokens.

The in-game tokens can be  used to purchase characters, new horses, and skins in the game marketplace, and used for breeding horses and entering into game championships and events. With the races being free to enter and the top three winners are being rewarded DGE, the in-house game tokens.  This is not just a fun horse racing game, it is less formal to get the horse racing community to accept cryptocurrency and love the Solana project. It is also a means to get the horse racing community to slowly evolve to blockchain technology and experience the efficiency of the WEB3.

Darleygo Game Features

DarleyGo provides a more convenient way to understand horses and breeding systems while earning, which is a far more effective method of learning. They also have an amazing graphic feature that allows the user to view the horse races in either 2D or 3D view depending on your preferences.

The game has three different levels for users depending on the experience of the user, which is an amazing feature. This means that even if you’re not quite conversant or still new to the game, you can still earn tokens, making it more interesting for not just horse racing lovers, but for the general community. 

In terms of breeding, DarleyGo also helps the community to decipher and understand pedigrees and horses to crossbreed as the horses in the game have more effective qualities depending on the parent breed, which aids gamers also understanding breeding and the most efficient species to breed in reality. These horses can be sold in the marketplace, thereby earning tokens to upgrade or purchase other skins, characters, or new horses. The game even has a “rent a horse” feature where your horses can be given out for rent for a stipulated amount of time and get paid in DGE for them.

DarleyGo is more than just a game. It is an educational platform that teaches its gamers about horse racing techniques, breeds, and generally the horse business while rewarding its users for playing. Apart from the horse racing cards, DarleyGo is interested in releasing other NFT assets that will improve the gamer’s breeding and rearing experiences in the game which can also be sold in the marketplace. With an amazing team of horse racing lovers, graphic designers, game and movie designers, DarleyGo can easily be called one of the best play-to-earn horse racing games in the Solana ecosystem.

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