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CV Pad Announces XOXNO IDO & Token Sale

CV Pad, the new Web3 launchpad offering access to early-stage VC-vetted opportunities, has announced its next token sale. This IDO will feature XOXNO, the leading DeFi and NFT marketplace on the MultiversX network (formerly Elrond). The co-launch between CV Pad, MultiversX and xLaunchpad will begin on June 28th, after the week-long whitelisting period.

Co-launch with MultiversX & xLaunchpad

CV Pad is co-launching the XOXNO IDO with MultiversX and xLaunchpad. With $13M+ raised and 110K+ unique users, xLaunchpad is the top launchpad platform for projects launching in the MultiversX ecosystem.

This collaboration leverages the strengths of all three platforms, providing 360-degree support for projects launching on MultiversX. This co-launch will also help retail participants gain access to new, high-quality opportunities, particularly within the MultiversX network.

The XOXNO Network: Enabling Web3 Consumer Products

XOXNO is planning to open the floodgates from Web2 to Web3 by integrating DeFi and NFT technologies with user-friendly features. The XOXNO platform also includes a mobile app and a Web2 non-custodial wallet to help make Web3 more accessible for newcomers.

Upcoming Features

XOXNO also has several planned features that will improve NFT functionality, both within the MultiversX ecosystem and beyond.

The features of XOXNO include:

  • Integrated On-Chain Ticketing System: XOXNO will enable dynamic and transferable event experiences by allowing tickets to be sold as NFTs. These tickets can be used for pre- and post-event interactions and are enhanced with a universal smart badge innovation.
  • Liquidity Staking for $EGLD: XOXNO will also act as a liquidity hub, enhancing the token’s appeal by unlocking liquidity without lock-ups. Fees accumulated from staking are burned and redistributed as rewards to the community to foster a sustainable ecosystem.
  • Loan Protocol: XOXNO will also utilize NFTs as collateral for loans, providing a new solution for borrowing. This protocol ensures transparent, real-time tracking and transferability of ownership through on-chain tokens, offering a secure and efficient lending system.
  • Sovereign Chain: XOXNO’s customizable blockchain is dedicated to NFT technology, enabling full-stack customization. The native token is integrated into gas and staking processes, offering supercharged utility and enhanced functionality.
  • Wide Token Integrations: The XOXNO token is integral to the platform, supporting transaction services for launchpad registration, marketplace fees, and rebates. It also captures value within borrowing-lending markets, ensuring cohesive and comprehensive utility across all products.


XOXNO has helped creators raise over $30m through its launchpad, achieved over $25m in secondary sales, and paid out over $2m in royalties to date.

The platform has more than 125k unique users and is responsible for 90% of the transaction volume on the MultiversX network ($EGLD). There is still room to grow with the exciting features coming to the XOXNO platform.

Token Utility

The $XOXNO token has three key functions within the ecosystem:

  1. Governance: Allows holders to participate in decision-making processes.
  2. Transaction Fees: Used to pay fees within the XOXNO platform.
  3. Incentives: Provides rewards for staking and active participation in the network.

IDO Details

CV Pad’s XOXNO whitelisting campaign began on June 20th at 5pm CET, when the sale details were also publicly announced. This whitelisting campaign will remain open for exactly one week, closing on June 27th at 5pm CET. The following day, June 28th, at 5pm CET, whitelisted investors can start their contributions for $XOXNO tokens on CV Pad.

XOXNO contributions will range from a minimum of $100 to a maximum $350. There are 1,000,000 $XOXNO tokens for sale at a fixed price of $0.08 each.


About CV Pad

CV Pad is a Launchpad+, aiming to take projects through their TGE with a suite of services from tokenomics support to distribution and marketing, with the support of their global network of partnerships.

As a collective, DuckDAO, CV VC, and CV Labs utilize their wealth of experience in web3 and traditional venture capital to support projects and provide vetted, curated picks for the launchpads investors.

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