CyberTechie introducing an ethical hacker hiring platform


Hackers have gotten a bad rep – but they are crucial in today’s landscape due to the amount of cybercrime that goes on. How do they help curb data leaks and enhance cybersecurity? Ethical hackers are the answer, but it can be hard to screen hackers because it’s a relatively grey industry, that’s why CyberTechie comes in. The company has established themselves as the best platform for hiring ethical hackers. 

The company has managed to revamp the hacker hiring industry by regulating who they allow onto their platform so that clients do not have to go through that tedious process of vetting potential ethical hackers themselves.

Ethical hacking is the process of legally acquiring unauthorised access to a network, database, or software program. To protect, reform, or modify a digital network, it is acceptable to bypass the security measures of individual digital devices.

Ethical hacking is simulating the actions and strategies of malicious people who have breached a computer system. This identifies weak points in the company’s security infrastructure and allows for the development of countermeasures to stop future attacks.

White hat hackers, or ethical hackers, are highly trained professionals who know how to circumvent security systems without compromising them. The firm would not be as secure online without their efforts. If they obtain the green light from the company’s “upper-ups,” they fight against malicious hackers by stopping cyber-attacks.

Ethical hackers, also referred to as “white hats,” are security professionals who carry out these evaluations.

“The digital world is warming up to the idea of ‘white hat’ roles in the digital space, we’ve got white hat seo agencies, white hat hackers, and on the flip side, we have grey hat and black hats that provide questionable services. While they might have results, how they get those results may cause more harm than good, so we’re in a position to create a network that offers only white hat services to legitimate companies that wish to secure their tech from vulnerabilities,” explains one of the team-members of CyberTechie. 

Whether you’re trying to catch your cheating spouse in the act or removing an embarrassing photo of yourself off the internet, CyberTechie is there for their clients. 

“You’d be surprised how many people use cell phone hackers to gain access to their spouse’s phone when they suspect their spouse of cheating. It’s a staggering sixty percent,” the representative shares while offering insights to how CyberTechie is able to assist these disgruntled and suspicious individuals. 

“Hiring a hacker is an alternative to hiring a P.I., but with a hacker, you usually don’t know who you are dealing with as it’s much more secretive, which makes sourcing and locking down the services of a hacker all the more harder.”

CyberTechie aims to remove these barriers by providing top-notch services through their reputable platform. Navigating the hacker industry can be treacherous, one wrong decision and you might find yourself in the midst of being blackmailed. However, white hat hackers much like CyberTechie are a safeguard against these unethical practices because they are in the business of helping people, which is why they have released their services to the public. 

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