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Cryptocurrencies are heralded as the next big step in digital assets and money. With a unique decentralized operations system, these digital monies change how the financial systems work. With cryptos, there are no need of banks, intermediaries and time consuming middlemen. With a high level of security, fast transaction speed and low operations cost, cryptocurrencies are fast becoming the default choice over fiat.

Persisting Issues

Like all new technologies, cryptocurrencies come with their own set of problems. Even with their higher level of efficiencies and ecosystems, they are still considered in their infancy. Mostly compared to what the internet was in the early 90s, there are a few factors that hinder cryptos from coming into mainstream use:

  • Complexity: Cryptocurrencies, in an effort to be secure, have complex and in depth security features, such as extremely long public and private keys. The wallets can be confusing to operate. Multiple public addresses add into the confusion. Sending and receiving cryptos can be sometimes a bit too much of a pain for the uninitiated. Confirmation counts and times can also puzzle people.
  • Cyber Attacks: Even with a higher level of security, cryptocurrencies are vulnerable. The high level of gains from cyber-attacks has led to many incidents where bad actors have hacked into crypto exchanges and even used phishing to syphon away money of people. Another factors is that unlike banks, where the money being kept safe is the bank’s responsibility, cryptos wallets and platforms do not offer insurances.
  • Vulnerable Platforms: Blockchain, although considered very secure, are still man made constructs and bugs or loopholes can be exploited. Most users are not that tech adept to understand this and are at a higher risk.
  • Low Level of Users: A money is only as good as its acceptance. There are not many people or merchants who accept cryptos as a form of payment and therefore, it is not feasible for people to store their monetary wealth in the form of digital money.

Platon Finance: Easy Money Handling

Platon Finance is a cryptocurrency project that understands that cryptos and blockchain are the latest and the most powerful financial system ever devised, but unless and until key issues that hinder its adoption are addressed, it will never be used by the general population.

Rather than see cryptocurrencies become something obscure and only be used by people with advanced knowledge of computers and technology, Platon Finance intends to fundamentally change how cryptocurrencies are used by introducing some key characteristics that would bring trust and enable easy operations:

  • Platon Club: A place where cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts can connect and interact. This platform will help people understand cryptocurrencies, enabling them to get a grip on the technology and be able to use it in their daily lives.
  • Platon Insurance: Insurance of using services financial services is a key requirement of people. If there is ever a hack or theft, their hard earned money will be lost forever. Therefore, Platon Finance offers an insurance of digital assets, a coverage of up to USD 500,000 for each user.
  • Symantic Technology: Blockchain technology is a good and secure system, but with vulnerabilities still existing in the system, Platon Finance uses the latest symantic secure technology to offer one of the best and most secure cryptocurrency platforms.
  • B2B and B2C Adoption: Platon Finance offers merchants and individuals a method to accept cryptocurrencies. With this, ecommerce and online stores can accept crypto payments with ease. The complexity of integrating payments is handled by the platform and the merchants only need to add that into their payment system. Through this, the adoption of cryptocurrencies in day to day shopping and spending is established, bringing crypto usage to everyone.
  • Platon Cards: The Platon cards are just like traditional debit cards, enabling users to spend their cryptocurrency at any store, just as easy as swiping the card on a PoS machine.
  • Trading Bots: Platon Finance offers specific built trading bots that are connected to partner exchanges. Through these bots, users can simply let the automated software make trades and profits, releasing the user from the burden of understanding how trading actually works.

Platon Coin

Powering the Platon Finance platform is their native ERC20 compliant token, the PLTC. A medium of exchange on the platform, the token will allow users to enjoy all the products and services offered by the platform itself.

Issued on the Ethereum blockchain, the PLTC is a limited supply token, with 21 million PLTCs ever to be generated. With its sound operations, excellent services and cryptocurrency use made easy, the PLTC is estimated to be of USD 5.11 worth per token by the end of 2019. Currently doing approximately USD 0.5 per PLTC, the token has seen a meteoric rise in value by 152% in the last week.

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