Crowdfunding For Helpless People Freezing in the Cold

Help Homeless People Freezing In The Cold this winter, #HelpTheCold. During the winter season every year thousands of homeless people wake up with frostbites, or completely dead limbs due to the fact that they’re sleeping in the woods or outdoors at subzero temperature.

Thousands die every year in the cold, unable to find shelters due to the fact that they’re all full and that in many states like NY, NJ… there’s only enough beds for 11% of the homeless being on the streets.

Please note that these people we’re trying to help aren’t the typical type of homeless without jobs or goals in life. These are people who use to have a normal life but ended up losing their jobs during recession or due to business closures. These are people with amazing hearts and stories who for many are unable to afford housing because they’re not earning enough in their part time or unsecured jobs.

These are people like everyone of us who had an economic collapse. People with dignity who because they’re ashamed of their situation are trying to hide themselves in the woods instead of begging for money, spending their last dimes to get a plastic tent with no heating. They’re getting robbed, raped, beaten and more. Forgotten by many and rejected by all.

Many of them are living with less than 15$ a week, spending days without food. Destroyed by loneliness and sadness, with no one to turn to. People who can get back on their feet if they were given some help.

We’re trying to raise some funds to not just feed them and provide temporary shelters, but also help them find employment, long term state help for housing and more.


About GoFundMe

GoFundMe is a Crowdfunding platform that helps people raise funds for events ranging from life events like celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances such as accidents, illnesses and charity causes like this. Over $2 billion has been raised for inspiring campaigns by people through this crowdfunding website.

This project is run by a group of volunteer workers from different churches putting together to help as much as they can. They first started putting money together and decided to use the Gofundme platform to promote their idea. If you would like to support them Click here to make your donation

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