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Cristian Caim Story from employee to entrepreneur thanks for forex trading

Cristian Caim is a 27-year-old young entrepreneur from Italy. Since he was 18, passionate about technology, he has started working in an Apple Premium Reseller. In 2017, however, he discovers the world of trading and is immediately fascinated by it, to the point that he leaves his job at Apple to continue along this way. Later he created a software that works automatically in the Forex. The software is called CASHFLOW EA and is one of the best products currently on the market. We contacted him to ask some questions.

Why did you quit your job at Apple?

I believe that nowadays thanks to the internet there are really many opportunities, it is up to each of us to take them. The “traditional” job is good for many people, even for me at the beginning but then the more the years pass the more you realize that you are literally exchanging time for money. I was tired of doing only what others said, my time was worth more. Time is the most precious resource we have and cannot be bought. When you have more free time, you can also think of many more ideas to develop. And that’s exactly why I quit my job and dedicated myself completely to Forex.

Tell us more about CASHFLOW EA : why did you decide to create it?

CASHFLOW EA is a software that opens and closes trades automatically in the ForEx Market. When I was at the computer I operated manually, but I wanted to find something that would generate a passive income, while I was walking around, while I was on vacation, while I was with my family or while I was sleeping. That’s why I decided to create it. At first I used it just for myself, then I started posting the results and more and more people asked me for information. I decided to distribute it to help all other people to create a second economic income. As of November 2021, there are more than +200 people using it. Following all these requests, I also had to create a team to help me manage customers and sell the software, currently I have more than 10 collaborators working with me. I have to be honest, I never imagined achieving these results in such a short time, of course this is just the beginning.

What advice would you give to young people who don’t know where to start?

It is really difficult to give an answer that works for everyone. I believe everyone should follow their instinct, there is always time to change their mind. Limits exist only in our heads, today there are people who do jobs that only 10 years ago seemed impossible. We must always study and look for new opportunities. If you have a passion or an idea to develop, try it and don’t stop at the first mistake or obstacle. Remember to use quality time, focus only on one thing and try to make it grow.

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