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CountingHouse: Harnessing the prospects of the volatile cryptocurrency markets through everyday hedge fund investments

The CountingHouse™ cryptocurrency hedge fund would work primarily based on the hedge fund investment techniques, which has been a long time business for the CountingHouse company. Instead of relying on the fiat currency exchange that is largely stable and minimal in profit actualization, the company’s cryptocurrency program targets profits from the volatile crypto markets with a much better profit ratio.

In order to arrive at this effective method, the company has engaged in detailed experimental protocols and has discovered a possible 600% profit on investments using cryptocurrency algorithms in just 12 months. This is against the 70-120% profit margin that was characteristic of the much stable fiat currency market.

Since the company is not a startup, investors can be much certain of a successful project in the offing. Market monitoring and income generation would be powered by the company’s updated cryptocurrency algorithms. When this pulls through, investors would be smartly benefiting by a massive output, even as digital currencies continue to gain acceptance.

Why is the CountingHouse Fund a Game changer?

Although the market price of bitcoin and altcoins have shown steady rise and fall over the years, it hasn’t been so much of a volatile price fluctuation until quite recently.

The trending volatility in the cryptocurrency markets was clearly experienced within the Q1 of 2018, by all who invested in cryptocurrency, when compared to the last months of 2017. Analysts and investors in the digital currency space were very worried about the turnout of events and wished for a rather stable price.

Some say the market has presented these traits because of irregular demand and supply rates, some attributed it to changes in regulations, while others have attributed it to an influx of initially reserved bitcoins into the markets; especially those of the defunct Mt Gox exchange where large amounts of bitcoins have been traded off at unregularized prices. It is therefore common to find that the comfort level for investors have come low, even as there are no signs of a stable reversion back to normal, in the near future.

With all of these, the focus has shifted to finding out ways of staying afloat and still maximizing profits while the volatility continues. Hence the seeming solution for all concerned parties is to find a way of profiting off the volatility spikes.

CountingHouse™  fund provides an apt solution to these problems, that can now be regarded as some enormous profit source in disguise. The approach is an ingenious use of proprietary methods to churn out profits from the volatile markets.


The CountingHouse is organizing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to help fund this project and to give investors the opportunity to be part of this revolutionary Crypto Hedge fund project. The ICO is to run from April 3rd, 2018 through June 12th, 2018, when the company aims at distributing 50,000 CountingHouse tokens (CHT). There is a bonus package for investors, depending on the time they buy in, while 1000 CHT would be traded for one Ethereum.

How to participate in the ICO

This investment opportunity is open to members of the public, with no huge financial requirements for investors. In fact, this is an advantage, because it leaves an open field for all interested persons, such that no one is disqualified from participating on grounds of inability to meet up with a stipulated high input. To join the ICO, you can invest with Ethereum or through Paypal. Please visit the website:

Investment distribution

The company after gathering the funds from investors via its ICO, would then distribute the CountingHouse tokens (an ERC20 enabled token), which would serve as a security tool that allows all the participated investors, access to the company’s future profits.

According to the company’s fund allocation plan, a bulk 60% of the gathered funds would go to cryptocurrency algorithm trading, while 30% and 10% would go to double-sided arbitrage strategy, and passive reserves (investments in debentures and other ICO projects), respectively.

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