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The rise of cryptocurrencies across the globe has attracted many new investors to the markets hoping to get in on the action.

However, due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, trading these assets can be extremely difficult and unpredictable.

Many investors who are new to cryptocurrency investing can struggle to become consistently profitable without the support of experienced traders.

But what if you could trade alongside some of the best crypto traders in the world and get access to consistent, profitable trade ideas?

Well now, thanks to Hustlers University 2.0 (HU 2.0), you can.

Hustlers University 2.0 is a new educational platform from multi-millionaire Andrew Tare that aims to help new investors beat the market consistently.

How does it work?

The HU 2.0 community is built on the popular chat service Discord. Within the platform, students will find educational videos and resources that teach the basics of crypto trading alone with specific crypto trading strategies taught by the crypto trading experts.

The educational content within Hustlers University can be broken down into four main areas:

  • Fundamental Lessons:

This section teaches the very fundamentals of crypto trading. It provides an overview of the several types of cryptocurrencies, how to open an account with an exchange to trade on, how to use charting software, how to close a trade and some of the basic terminology that everyone should be familiar with

  • Beginner Strategy

Once students have completed the fundamental training, they will unlock the beginner strategy. This strategy is a swing trading strategy that aims to buy crypto currencies as price dips on longer term time frames like the Daily and Weekly charts.

  • Experienced Strategy

The experienced strategy within Hustlers University covers more complex topics such as scalping, NFTs and De-fi. In order to unlock this section, students must successfully pass the Fundamentals Quiz provided. Assessing students with quiz’s before unlocking further training ensures that people move through the training provided correctly and reduces the risk of students getting involved with things that they do not fully understand.

  • AMA Recordings

Hustlers University also run live voice chat rooms called AMA’s. These voice chat rooms allow experts and students to discuss various cryptocurrency topics in a live chat room environment. The AMA discussions are recorded and then edited as highlights and made available within the AMA recordings section. This is another unique feature of Hustlers University and allows students to learn even when they cannot view a screen.

More than e-learning
Along with educational videos, the experts also share the exact trades that they are taking themselves, giving students the opportunity to copy their trades whilst they continue to learn more about crypto assets.

Students are also able to ask the experts questions in real time and the staff members at Hustlers University are responsive and helpful.

Hustlers University has a thriving community of over 100,000 students. Students share their wins every day which can be useful for newer members. They also share how they are using the strategies taught within the platform to win. It is hard to think of another platform that has this level of community and sheer will to help one another.

Looking at the Results section of Hustlers University, it is clear to see that many students are winning by using the strategies and trade set ups provided within the platform.

How much does HU 2.0 cost?

Access to Hustlers University costs $49.00 per month. Students can cancel their membership at any time. You can subscribe over at

Final Thoughts
If you are looking to start trading cryptocurrencies, Hustlers University is a suitable place to learn alongside experts and other like-minded people. With over 100,000 members, clearly, the Hustlers University platform is providing its users with value.

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