Content Strategy And Link Authority For SEO

Why Is Content Strategy And Link Authority Important For SEO?

Summary: For SEO, you should focus on two important things that are content marketing and backlinking. You need to publish quality content and collect high-quality back links from relevant websites.

An impressive content strategy and link authority can play a decisive role in SEO and for this reason these two things feature in SEO services Noida. But before you join hands with an SEO agency, you should understand the crucial elements of a content strategy and link authority.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is all about providing solutions to your audiences. Earlier it used to be a keyword-focused but today it is human-focused. You need to identify your targeted audiences and create interesting content for them. The best way to attract viewers is to answer their queries and provide them with quick and innovative solutions to their problems.

Here’re the fundamentals of a content strategy

  1. Identify your target audience

The easiest way to identify your target audience is to discover who is engaging with your competitors. Look at social media accounts, customer reviews, and blog comments of your competitors to discover your target audience. The second important thing is to think about what you can offer to your audiences.

  1. Choose a topic

Choosing a topic will be easier after identifying your target audience. Again you can scan the social media postings, blogs, and user reviews of your competitors to know what people want to read about your business. Also, you can write keyword-focused content that is both informative and interesting to read.

  1. Pinpoint keywords that suit your topic and meet your audience’s needs

Choose a set of keywords that best match the topic selected for writing and that your target audiences are using to search your business. Use the keywords strategically in the content. They should look like part of the content instead of forceful insertions. It is for this reason that keyword research is made an important element of SEO services Noida.

  1. Optimize at every turn

Use focus keywords in your Header 1 and 2. Also, incorporate those keywords in the meta description. Google is highly likely to pick up on the focused keywords and rank your page high. But you should put your audience first and use keywords selectively to avoid overstuffing.

  1. Keep information up-to-date

Optimization doesn’t end with publishing content. Previously posted content could become outdated with new research findings and the latest societal trends. They may no longer be valuable for readers or they might not be available. You need to publish updated content regularly to stay relevant to your audiences.

  1. Host your content

It is better to host your content on your site as it will guarantee the fate of your publications. But it doesn’t mean that you should stop posting content to other sites from where you can get high-quality backlinks. Hosting your content will remove the fear of losing your authority and ranking if other sites make changes to their guest postings as happened with Huffington Post guest writers in 2018.

  1. Track your success

Use a good web analytics tool to check organic traffic on the content, indexed pages of your website, search engine ranking, and conversions. If the published content scores high on every factor, you can feel motivated to publish more content. With SEO services Noida, you will get a complete report of content analysis.

A content strategy developed with keeping all founding principles of SEO in mind will drive targeted traffic and leads to your business. Here researching keywords and topics can be instrumental in targeting your audiences and establishing your authority. This insight will help you to write with a purpose.

Link Authority

It is an indication of the authority a link carries over. But the authority of a link is determined by factors like Nofollow attribute and page authority of the page linking to. There is no set tool or metric to determine the authority of a link. An SEO company Noida can is better equipped to check link authority.

Nofollow Attribute

It communicates to the search engine that the owner of the link doesn’t want to credit the site it is linking to. It advises search engines to not follow the link. But it doesn’t mean that Nofollow links have no authority. Today most websites use Nofollow links and they are doing well on search engines.

Page Authority

Links get authority from the pages they are published on. A page with high authority will credit its authority to its links.

Amount of links

Some pages have multiple links but you should know that those links have little authority. You need to be careful while linking your site to such pages.

Link location

Search engines value contextual links or links with content instead of those published in the footer. You should try to add context to your links instead of accepting links in the footer.


Together with an effective content strategy and authority links, you can boost the search rank and overall performance of your site. These two steps will help target traffic to your site and get hot leads and sales in the long run. Also, the results achieved with optimized content and quality links will remain stable for a long time. For better results, you can involve a leading SEO company Noida in the job

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