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Construction technology is a generic term denoting the science and art of constructing things, machines, or organized systems, and originally comes from Latin construction and Old French construction. To build is the verb: to construct, and the word is construction: the manner of building, the end of which is a structure. The science of construction includes many branches such as mechanical engineering, architectural engineering, structural design, and building sciences. While construction mainly deals with materials used and machines used for constructing; building technologies deal mainly with how things are constructed.

A wide variety of machines and tools are used in the construction process. Construction technology has developed tremendously through the years with the aid of various innovations and inventions such as: bulldozers, cranes, excavators, generators, cable plows, double girder scaffoldings, etc. A significant number of construction equipment manufacturers have come up with their products to make the job of construction easier, faster, and safer. A vast variety of machines and tools are used in the construction process.

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One of the most significant changes in modern technology that has affected construction technology is the use of mechanized equipment. Although some of these still utilize traditional forms of construction such as: hammering, sawing, etc., others employ the use of modern technology like: robotic machines, computer controlled machineries, electric chain drives, and robotic arms. Other than these, modern technology has also made significant changes to construction processes. In fact, some of these changes have affected modern technology even beyond construction itself. For instance, one of the most significant changes in modern technology is: battery powered electric engines for chain drives and other machinery.

Construction efficiency and productivity are two major factors that affect cost-effective business operations. Thus, to ensure that the company gets maximum productivity at the least possible cost, it is advisable for a company to follow only construction technology trends that improve productivity. By ensuring that one improves productivity, cost-effective business operations can be easily attained.

There are various factors that determine construction tech trends that affect productivity. The foremost factor that affects productivity is the type of building being constructed. Buildings of different types have different construction tech trends. For instance, buildings constructed in soil require different construction tech trends from those constructed in concrete. Also, buildings that are made of different materials require different construction tech trends.

Construction technology has also evolved over time with the help of innovative tools and techniques. Innovative tools and techniques can be implemented during the construction phase to make the process faster and efficient. One example of such revolutionary tools is: automatic or automated machinery. This includes machines like: scissor lifts, robotic arms, cable plows, boom trucks, earthmovers, draglines and water trucks. These tools can be used to carry out different types of jobs. Furthermore, the use of new composite materials and techniques can dramatically enhance the productivity of any construction site.

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