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The world around us is always changing, sometimes in surprising and imperceptible ways. This is certainly the case when it comes to innovative construction material for properties, businesses and renovation projects. Nowadays, there are cheaper, less wasteful and more sustainable materials to work with that interest us here at, see below for some of the fascinating new construction materials used today. 

Living Materials

The construction industry has come a long way when you consider the introduction of Living Materials for building with. No one could have predicted we would have the technology to create self repairing concrete, and if we did, we would’ve imagined a technology, not a living organism. 

Self-healing concrete is the latest trend in construction materials and it solves many problems at once. Bacteria are mixed with concrete solutions and used to build roads and properties  when the concrete becomes cracked or broken the bacteria grows into the gaps. 

3D Printing

3D printing has been with us for some time but only in recent times has it become popular in the construction industry. Mostly used in making plastics, 3D printing can now be effectively deployed in the creation of concrete structure, and molding for foundations. The technology has several advantages. 

Firstly, 3D printing uses less material than alternative methods. The molds created are precise – computer programmed – and create much less waste as a result. This also makes 3D printing cheaper and faster. If you find it hard to imagine, picture a giant nozzle that issues concrete in neat and efficient lines. 

Modular Construction 

Modular construction refers to the process of pre-fabricated a building’s structure prior to assembly. An architect will design the building and send the plans to a factory. The materials are then machine cut to order and delivered in the back of a truck. 

Modular construction is efficient and less wasteful than alternative methods. It is also simpler, safer, and more sustainable that stick-frame construction. Throughout the pandemic modular construction has thrived due to it’s socially distanced processes.  

Mushroom Insulation

Again, this concept might sound like it came from a science fiction story at the turn of the 20th century, but now it’s a reality. This innovative natural technology is destined to be a player in the future with a wealth of planet supporting benefits. 

The mushroom material is made from the part of the mushroom called Mycelium. The Mycelium is mixed with wood chips and put in a mold. The mushroom material grows into the shape of the mold, it is then dried and sanded into shape. This insulation is biodegradable and excellent for air quality. 

Memory Steel 

A little more under-the-hood than the previous material innovation, memory steel is just as impressive and will be very useful in future construction projects. Memory steel is made from a range of special alloys that allows it to naturally support its surrounding concrete structures. 

Normally concrete structures require the surrounding steel to be prestressed under hydraulic tension to ensure the strength and performance of the final concrete structure. This is not the case with memory steel. As it heats it continually pre-stresses the concrete. 

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