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Conflow Power Group Signs Major Deal for iLamps in the USA

 Conflow Power Group Confirms Exclusive Technology Agreement with S2A Modular for its flagship product, iLamp in the USA.

Conflow Power is pleased to confirm the details of an exclusive technology agreement signed today with S2A Modular to supply an iLamp for each home built by S2A from their enormous pipeline.

S2A Modular is a leading U.S. based modular home builder with many firsts in its sector. They have designed and built the first electrically self-sustaining custom luxury homes that are stylish, have fast to market build times and use the very best materials. Featuring  Net Zero living along with smart connected technology, they are a perfect match with iLamp, enhancing S2A Modular’s suite of construction-based products.

 S2A is building communities, not just one-off homes, for example, their strategic partner is where residents can experience the ultimate 55+ community living environment for active adults. Each Bahia Village community will feature detached 1- and 2-bedroom homes, and several amenities including a private clubhouse, picnic areas with barbecues, a swimming pool, spa and more.  S2A has four MegaFactories in progress with the first one coming online now,  two more under construction and a fourth breaking ground imminently. Their huge push on MegaFactories is to meet the enormous demand they have for homes with more than 300,000 units in the pipeline and only capacity to service 10% of that demand over the next three years.

These are similar circumstances for iLamp, where demand far outstrips supply, so both organizations remain focused on scaling their businesses to meet the demand. 

 Conflow Power has been working with S2A Modular for over a year to ensure the agreement we formally reached is perfect and beneficial for both parties. This agreement brings into focus the main product we are both selling, which is a lifestyle, consisting of new smart homes built with enhanced materials and technologies and services that are both efficient and cost effective, sustainable, and eco-friendly.   Conflow adds many components to that lifestyle choice by enhancing power efficiency, communications and security with the array of built-in features included in the iLamp.

The agreement calls for mutual input in advancing the current product base, mixing technology, intellectual property, and ideas to create new and better versions for the target market S2A is addressing. This is a large-scale distribution agreement which includes merging technology, advancement and R&D into new products that will be designed jointly. This will focus first on the DC-only version of the iLamp, then move into new solar materials and efficiency of power generation, delivery and storage.

 John Rowland, President and co-founder of S2A Modular said, “I have worked closely with the iLamp team over many months to finesse this agreement so we can be sure we get it right and our interests are fully aligned. Our whole team is very excited to get iLamps at all our factories so we can showcase them in multiple locations.  It goes without saying we both seek only the best in technological advancements while we work on our DC-only iLamp and co-develop alternatives for the U.S. market that will be sold exclusively through us.”

 He added, “Bringing autonomous power, security and communications via the iLamp to our developments can only help our customers and further set us apart from the competition.”

 The exclusive parts of the agreement remain in effect for five years and are renewable thereafter, making this agreement a long-term plan for both parties. The only street lighting offered by S2A will be provided by iLamp and the DC version will only be available via S2A Modular. These will be designed to create DC microgrids within S2A developments taking another groundbreaking leap into the future of power and the distribution of power on a localized basis.

 Edward Fitzpatrick, CEO at Conflow Power said “It is like one big family that loves all the same things. We thrive on efficiency and so do the S2A team, we both demand the latest and greatest technology and aggregate it’s use to benefit our clients as in turn this benefits us too. It’s so refreshing to find the same strong values in S2A Modular. We are a great fit, both culturally, technically and aspirational.”

 About Conflow Power

Conflow Power Group Limited (CPG) is a UK-based power tech aggregator using enhanced battery, enhanced solar and enhanced generators to create off-grid autonomous power, making alternative energy a stronger use case than the incumbent.  CPG owns 100% of iLamp, including all intellectual property, designs and rights. iLamp is the first flagship product to emerge from CPG with many more sectors and markets to tackle in due course.   CPG has licensed its various technologies across 21 countries and is focused on adding many more aspects to create a complete eco-system for all aspects of the future of power. CPG owns 100% of Batteryware Limited and a 20% stake in Power as a Service limited (PaaS).  More information can be found at and 

For ILO visit and follow them on Instagram @officialilamp

Contact Media Relations at +1 917 472 9442.

 About S2A Modular

The Future Is Here. Introducing the #GreenLuxHome. 

The first electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury homes are changing the way the world understands residential buildings – creating a new standard in stylish design, construction speed, tailor-made features with high-end materials, “surplus energy income” (Net Zero), superior hemp-based sustainable building materials and smart-connected living. From constructing the latest in patented graphene solar panel-charged designer homes, full communities, commercial buildings to world-class hotels, the stunning S2A MegaFactory is a one-of-a-kind manufacturing center, producing impeccable structures that usher in a new era in better building and living. No more energy bills. Faster construction. Immediately higher home value compared with traditional “site-built” structures. #GreenLuxSavesBucks. Visit and join the #GreenLuxHome revolution on @S2AModular on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

 Contact S2A Modular media relations at or +1 310-374-6177.

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