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Cody Kerns On Supporting Companies as a Fractional COO

In the ever-changing digital landscape where businesses either thrive or face market decline, building a successful business requires a competent team of experts and potential clients. To scale up your business, there is a crucial involvement of business consultants who possess marketing knowledge and an understanding of operational planning and execution. It is beneficial to have Fractional COOs in your organizational structure which contributes to the overall team development which further leads to the success of the business. This is where the significance of a Fractional COO becomes apparent, offering one of the esteemed services provided by Kerns Marketing.

Fractional COO and Its Advantages

A Fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a type of business consultant who works part-time, delivering on-demand COO services to industry professionals. Operating collaboratively with various clients, a fractional COO allocates a portion of their expertise to each one of them accordingly. 

These Fractional COOs are experienced executives with profound knowledge of business and marketing operations, contributing to the business growth. They bring a fresh perspective to the table due to their knowledge and expertise and also leverage their diverse experience as they’ve already worked with many clients across the industries. Their adaptability allows them to quickly understand the situation and find solutions that are tailored according to the needs of the client.

Fractional COOs specialize in enhancing operational efficiency and profitability, assisting in the planning and implementation of operational marketing strategies, overseeing team performances, and streamlining workflows.

The benefits of having a Fractional COO include collaboration with the business development team to plan and execute operational marketing strategies aligned with the overall goals of the company. They delegate leadership duties to team members, improving efficiency and communication. This plays a crucial role in overall development. Additionally, they manage the financial aspects, such as budgeting and financial reporting, and oversee the technology infrastructure, providing insights into potential risks for refined future planning and overall company performance.

Kerns Marketing

Kerns Marketing is the entrepreneurial journey of accomplished leaders, including the CEO Cody Kerns, COO Sergio Troconis, and VP Justin Freishtat. They are a well-known figure in business marketing and the digital domain. Building an 8-figure business and achieving 8-figure milestones within the first year of launch. Cody has established a broad network and valuable connections, ensuring high-quality services and long-term client relationships. Specializing in digital marketing platforms, Kerns Marketing excels in building and promoting brands to diverse audiences.

Methodology of Kerns Marketing

Kerns Marketing employs the Six Sigma methodology to enhance efficiency in the marketing system. The process begins with defining the problem, followed by a thorough analysis to understand the root causes of poor performance. Addressing and eliminating these root causes results in improved performance and refined future processes.

In this ever-changing digital domain where businesses exist or face a decline in the market, to grow your business, one needs to have a proper team of experts and potential clients, here the significance of a Fractional COO becomes evident, representing one of the esteemed services offered by Kerns Marketing.

Elevate your business with Fractional COO services from Kerns Marketing. Visit their site today and embark on a journey towards enhanced efficiency, profitability, and sustainable growth.

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