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If you are in dire need of fancy options to store your valuable items, you’d want to contact the best storage designers in all of Florida. Closet Envee is capable of creating the best closet Orlando, FL can offer at very competitive rates!

These are not just ordinary closets, however. We at Closet Envee the closet Orlando, FL understand the importance of blending convenience with style. This skill set is not easy to find, but our design professionals are guaranteed to deliver on both fronts.

Get your Custom-Made Closet! 

Customization is the name of the game! We won’t force you to browse through a predefined catalog of closet alternatives; you won’t find all that fitting for your living or working space.

In that sense, we’re thoroughly qualified to offer the following Orlando custom closets services:

Custom Closets

We make closets entirely tailored to your needs. Whether you envision revamping your already-existing bedroom closets or building walk-in closets or wardrobes from scratch, we can help you! After we’re done, you can rest assured that your bedroom will feel much larger, thanks to all that recovered space!

Custom Garages

Our offerings are not reduced to your bedroom area. We at Closet Envee likewise specialize in advanced garage systems and can devise intricate storage complexes for a variety of heavy-duty tools and materials.

Perhaps you need a unique depository for your gardening tools, car accessories/parts, or workout equipment, among other assorted items. You only need to describe how you’d want to organize your inventory, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Home Offices

The importance of having a tightly organized working space can’t be understated! Your home office needs to be the tidiest area in your house so that you can improve your overall workflow.

Our experts at Closet Envee grasp this. Therefore, we aim to ensure that your personal workstation is spatially optimized and make ergonomics our top priority!

You can entrust us to design the essentials, such as adjustable computer desks, bookshelves, cabinets, drawer units, wall beds, and many more.

We also fine-tune our design blueprint to maximize your output. We take various factors into account, such as your left-handed dominance or any physical disability. We can also create a standing workspace if you so prefer. The possibilities are endless.

All in all, we create comfortable and pleasant home office environments catered to all your productivity needs!


Pantries are prone to become cluttered and disorganized with relative ease. However, the trick lies in developing flexible pantry designs and layouts.

Every family has specific pantry needs. A good-quality pantry enables you to adjust the shelves to accommodate your kitchen inventory in a way that you see most fitting.

We can provide a wide array of options for your pantry storage design – from open shelves to shelf dividers and pantry door interiors. Also, a well-made wine rack, basket, or pullout tray would undoubtedly be put to good use!

Schedule a Free Consultation Today!

We at Closet Envee would be more than delighted to discuss your storage arrangement options. Schedule your free in-house consultation to get affordable quotes for the finest Orlando custom closets you can get!

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