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Stylish and Affordable Closet Systems in Central Florida By Closet Envee

Affordable Closet Systems in Central Florida By Closet Envee

Central Florida homeowners now have a top storage solution expert ready to overhaul their current nightmare and give them the storage and organization solutions of their dreams; Closet Envee has the answers you’ve been searching for. Closet Envee is your local home storage and organization professional, they offer solutions for everything you can think of from your bedroom closet to the garage and everything in between.

If you are tired of trying to shove all the clothing, toys, sports equipment, laundry supplies, and vehicle maintenance supplies into any bin or cabinet you can, you need to give Closet Envee a call, or email them and schedule a FREE consultation to go over your issues and let them tell you what they can do to help. Not only do they offer exceptional closet and storage solutions, but Closet Envee also offers wall bed installation, which allows you to take a room that is used as an office or family room and turn it into a bedroom when you need that extra space.

Every project is custom, so when you have Closet Envee come out and give you an estimate they will be tailoring your storage solutions to your home, you don’t have to worry about a cookie-cutter design that anyone can pick up at a home improvement store and install. Each measurement will be taken to make sure your solution fits your needs perfectly. The Closet Envee representative that works with you will ask you all the questions and gather information about your lifestyle to make sure that the job that gets done is perfect as soon as it’s finished, without adding to your home headaches.

How Can Closet Envee Help You?

  • Home Office

Working from home has made the majority of homeowners scramble to find a solution that works for them to have a quiet place to work and conduct video conferencing meetings, while still utilizing the same area for other needs that it used to serve. Closet Envee knows how difficult these transitions are and is ready with home office designs for your unique needs to help reduce that stress.

  • Bedroom 

Bedroom and clothing closets often need to be re-worked so that they provide quick access to the things you need without having to dig through over-crowded sections of clothing and shoes when you’re in a hurry to get ready. Closet Envee will take the closet or room you have already and design a beautiful and functional space that helps you see and access all of your clothing easily.

  • Garage

Garages can often become the catch-all of the home, where everything that doesn’t have a home gets thrown and forgotten. Everything from vehicle maintenance supplies to sports equipment and lawn care tools end up in the garage. Seasonal decorations and extra furniture as well as the boxes your now-married children left there from college are all living in the same pile of ugliness you ignore every time you have to leave home. Closet Envee can clear all that junk out, install the right type of storage and organization set up for your specific needs, and give you back your garage so you can park your car in there and not want to burn it to the ground every day.

  • Laundry Room 

The laundry room is often the room you want to make sure you can close the door and not let your guests see. Most of the time it is cramped, piled high with clothing, and has absolutely no organization beyond one simple cabinet that is either too high or too small to be functional for you. Closet Envee will take measurements and ask you questions to make sure they figure out all the things you want in your laundry room and provide them quickly and simply. This means you will actually enjoy being in your laundry room and it won’t be the room that you constantly keep the door shut on.

  • Pantry

Does accessing your pantry to make dinner have you ducking for cover so things don’t fall on your head? Is your pantry so dark that you can’t see half of what is in the back of the shelves and you end up throwing out expired food too often? Let Closet Envee take that fear and danger out of your kitchen with a brightly lit and custom solution for your pantry panic.

What to Expect:

Closet Envee has over thirty years of experience helping homeowners take back the spaces they love and put them to use in ways that serve them better. If you have a long list of things that need to be designed better to help your family have less clutter and more organization have a representative come out and walk through your projects with you to give you an estimate and let you decide which ones are your priority and get it scheduled to be taken care of quickly.

The Closet Envee website is full of customer testimonials that speak to the level of customer service you can expect from this team of closet and organization professionals. They take the work they do seriously and the safety and stress level of your family is a top priority. You can also browse through a gallery of the projects they have done to see the quality and detail they put into every project in every home.

Where to Find Closet Envee

Based in Winter Park, Florida, Closet Envee is able to serve all of Central Florida. All you need to do is click the button at the top of the website that says “Schedule a Free Consultation” and you will be directed to their email account to get everything scheduled to have a representative come out and start working on your storage and organization solutions.

Closet Envee is ready to help you with all your home organization needs, taking the standard room designs in your home and delivering custom solutions that are as beautiful as they are functional. You don’t have to live with the overflow of clothing, food, office supplies, toys, and garage mess anymore, if you’re in Central Florida you can call Closet Envee today and have options for your home taken care of by a team of professionals.

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