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In today’s world, doing online trading is like a piece of cake. You are open to thousands of platforms, making buying and selling virtual assets so easy and convenient for everyone. You need to dig out some legit sources as online scams are also drastically increasing. Under the guidance of legit sites, you can earn millions of dollars without losing much. But here the question arises how we can spot one and get assistance? For that, you need to do some research and check reviews and ratings of selected websites and analyse it in detail. is a scam and it is not legit and only can help users recover lost is one of the reliable sources; it is legit for sure. It provides the best professional funds recovery service online and intelligence investigation services, if you’re someone who is worried about recovering funds then is your ultimate destination. This site will assist you in recovering cryptocurrency scams, binary options scams, and investments lost to stock trading scams.

In this post, let’s discuss the scam website that claims to be legit, but in reality, it’s fake. But fortunately, users realized it a little early.

What is ENS? 

Ethereum Name Service is a domain name service based on the Ethereum blockchain. Nick Johnson first launched it in 2017. It is a unique move for Ethereum Enthusiasts, a decentralized domain name registrar that enables Ethereum addresses to be considered domain names. ENS translates the complex crypto wallet addresses and lengthy hexadecimal series of hashes and numbers into accessible and readable wallet names. Using ENS, you can transfer cash more accurately and make it easier for a user to remember and share Ethereum addresses on the blockchain.

With ENS, every time user wants to get payment on the Ethereum wallet, the pre-decided ENS name will appear rather than a complicated address. Instead of receiving a payment that looks like “Ox4cbkbfifhehfefrwgyqr3y82” in your wallet, you can use ENS to get names that are more easily remembered, such as johndoe. eth.

Many companies provide ENS services that claim to be number one in the market. is one of a kind. Company Reviews:

The company website is operational. The one thing that seems suspicious is that the owner’s identity is hidden on WHOIS. There might be some valid reason for this act as spammers use owners’ info to email website owners. It may make it challenging to identify the company’s actual owner. The true identity and profile of the owner must be given on the website to prove its validity.

Website Review: 

If we move further and talk about Tranco ranking, the website shows a low ranking in the Tranco meter. Well, the tranco meter shows the trafficking on the website. This ranking is considerably low in contrast with other websites operating from the exact location. If someone really wants to make this site famous, invest an extra amount of time researching the company, as low ranking makes it suspicious. 

Similarly, the Alexa ranking of is low, which is comparatively standard for a new website. Further analysis reveals that the server of the site has relatively low reviews. And the website is quite young. 

If we check the DNS Filter labels of this site, it shows it is safe, but we will advise you to take extra care while choosing this website. 

Technical Review: 

The website uses registrant services that are likewise utilized by multiple sites with low review scores, so we had to drop the rating. Premium domain registration services have a detailed “Know your client” steps. For internet scammers, this could be more appealing. Although it might be bad luck that so many websites with low trust ratings are registered in this single domain, lowering the website’s trust rating to be safe is a wise decision.


The website was launched recently, so if you are interested in using their services, then take enough time to verify the site before signing a contract. Mostly, scam sites are new and get removed soon after receiving bad reviews and customer comments. Be attentive and extra careful while contacting such suspicious sites to avoid future inconvenience. You can take help from experts and experienced personnel to understand the real intention of scam sites so you won’t lose money and assets. 


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