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Choosing the right Wedding Live Band and Makeup Artist Singapore for your Wedding


A memorable wedding has several elements, including delicious food and entertaining guests. Choosing an ideal wedding destination, going with a pre-planned theme, and having a delicious meal are all important aspects of any wedding but having a piece of appropriate music for your wedding is no less important.  You can ensure that everyone has a blast by adding a live band and a fantastic emcee to the mix. It will be entirely worthwhile.

Without even considering all their possibilities, most individuals will select a DJ at random. Even while wedding live bands are frequently more expensive than DJs, live performances always have more vitality. It’s much more engaging and intimate to hear your favorite music live. Live music performances can somewhat recreate the upbeat concert setting for your special occasion.

So, why not the live wedding band? 

There are many live bands out there, and they are all unique in their ways. Every song performed by a certain band will be distinctive due to its stage presence. Live bands stand out more than DJs because of the way they perform distinctively. You’ll undoubtedly discover that one of the things most of your guests will compliment is the wedding live band you hired.

Your wedding day and its celebrations are all about you as a couple.  It’s a special day set aside by your loved ones to honor your wedding. Hiring a live band that can do justice to the songs you have in your mind will work well with Musical Touch. We know the ideal songs to play on your big day to make it an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. 

Every musical composition is representative of a particular era and generation. There will always be a song in recorded music that only a small group of listeners will find enjoyable while alienating the others. Live music is an exception to this rule. Any music from any era may typically be enjoyed by people of all ages when performed live. Hiring a wedding Live Band Singapore is the smartest choice if your guest list is made up of people from different generations.

Wedding Live Band suitable for your Wedding

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re trying to find a band for your wedding that will be extremely entertaining and charismatic where we offer;

2-Piece Band: For a small, intimate venue with constrained space, we recommend the 2-piece band. Our major objective is to raise the stage through some excellent music and artists in such a little space. Perhaps in a small group, this is the best offer we can make.

3-Piece Band: We can also provide a live 3-piece wedding band in a small- to the medium-sized venue since we are adjustable in our approach and mindful of the needs of our clients. The crowd will be energized by our musical team’s duets, which you can enjoy. In a comparably larger gathering, more engagement with the audience is assured.

4 Piece Band: The more artists who join the celebration, the more of a buzz they create in the environment, and the bigger the venue. More duets by singers of standard caliber might be expected in such a lively environment.

5-7 Piece Band: The energy in the audience rises as the number of performers does. The enjoyment is increased, and the guests are drawn into the action. Duets are performed, fully engrossing the audience.

Pop Orchestra: The music’s genre changes naturally in a space that is generally bigger and with more people present. People want musical alterations that will make the environment electrify. The event’s flavor is enhanced by the music’s subtle fluctuations, which can create an enduring impression on the audience.

 Pop String Quartet: The pop String Quartet is the perfect choice for any occasion, whether you’re having a small gathering in a home or a larger crowd at your wedding reception. Nobody would dare assert that they are unable to tolerate Pop String Quartet. So the Pop string quartet comes highly recommended if you’re trying to create a memorable occasion by having live music performed at your reception.

Top Makeup Artist Singapore


Soon after the engagement, the wedding planning process begins, and hopefully, a wedding planner is hired. If not, you make calls right away to reserve your venue, photographer, florist, and perhaps even a videographer. While equally important, hair and cosmetics are occasionally your final consideration. Sadly, brides frequently wait too long to schedule their hair and cosmetics. As a result, they scramble and are driven to choose an artist who is less qualified. 

A woman is known to be the symbol of elegance and grace. Her flushed cheeks or her Smokey eyes reveal a softness and delicateness that is breathtaking to witness. Whether you’re getting ready for a fun night out, a party, or perhaps the greatest celebration of your life—your wedding—you can’t help but feel excited. When getting your makeup done, you have a lot of options to consider, but you should always go with the most reputable one.

Listing up the top and most renowned Makeup Artist Singapore for you to help you in making your wedding day a stress-free one in every aspect; 

Beauty without Filter: Atiqah, the company’s founder, believes that each bride’s facial features can be enhanced by the use of distinctive hair accessories that are made to match the wedding bouquet or banquet theme. Working under the guiding principle that “Beauty comes from within and is best without a filter,” the founder pays close attention to every small detail, including her customers’ skin tone and facial features, setting her apart from other makeup artists.

Lady Claire Makeup: Looking for Korean makeup? Try Lady Claire Makeup. You must rap on Lady Claire Makeup’s door. Additionally, they guide how to care for sensitive skin properly. They also can make you feel like a princess, which will add to the specialness of your big day.

Ling’s Palette: Making it to the top spot among Singapore’s wedding makeup artists after leaving the corporate sector to pursue the beauty industry is motivation enough, according to Ling’s Palette. She defines her creative process as “continuous experimentation and a balance between seeming natural in person and photographs.” 

Tang Yong Makeup: Valerie TangYong, the company’s founder and multiple award-winning professional hairstylists and makeup artists, is enthusiastic about beauty and a strong proponent of the natural look. Additionally, numerous magazines and publications value and respect her work.

The Luckiest Chick Makeup: With her world-class makeup and hairstyling abilities, Fidelis Toh, a professional wedding makeup artist trained in Taiwan, launched The Luckiest Chick Makeup. She values experimentation because her primary goal is to combine her knowledge and the bride’s preferences.

Tracy Im Hair and Makeup: The inspiration for everyone is Tracy, a former banker who is now a top-ranking hairstylist and makeup artist. In her spare time, while working in banking, she freelanced as a makeup artist, which she eventually turned into her line of work. In the span of a single blink of an eye, life may change, and so can the appearance and hairdo that Tracy Im has highlighted in her Tracy Im Hair and Makeup business.

Cocoon Makeup and Hair: Every makeup artist has a tale of passion and determination, and Hisa the founder of Cocoon Makeup and Hair is no different. Despite the objections of her parents, she began a profession as a cosmetics artist. She picked up the most recent makeup techniques in keeping with fashion. In terms of quality and standards, they only want to utilize the best cosmetics brands that are suitable for your skin.

Mibe Leung: Mibe Leung is one of a very small number of makeup artists whose work speaks volumes about them without the need for any introduction. She is well renowned for his significant work worldwide, whether it be with celebrities or other brides. She consistently creates amazing works of art and is up to date on all the most recent regional and global trends.

Makeup Maestro: Maestro makeup is renowned for similarly handling cosmetics to how musicians handle their instruments or how artists handle their palettes. They claim to adjust the makeup and style elements to the client’s particular personality. Every artist will compose their work in their unique way, like a maestro. Makeup Maestro believes you must pick professionals you can rely on to deliver.

Do your research and, most importantly, make sure you are compatible with whomever you hire. On your wedding day, they will often be with you for several hours. Examine their reviews to confirm that they have a solid reputation and are trustworthy.

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