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The Best Winter 2023 Makeup Trends According To Celebrity Makeup Artist Victoria Wonck

Winter is one of our favorite periods of the year when it comes to makeup and a new season means new trends. From 2022, after too many months of Zooms we’re more ready than ever to wear our most stylish holiday party look of the winter 2023 – the coming year of the Water Rabbit. The symbol of peace, love and prosperity in Chinese culture reflected by its lucky colours: pink, violet, purple and red.

Why not create a glossy-metallic violet-pink eyes to get that luck? We no longer have to worry about our foundation melting off in the heat, and the more color, the better. To prepare for the season ahead, let’s take top makeup techniques like bold blush and soft counter and combine them with 2023 shades palette. 

Celebrity Makeup Artist Victoria Wonck

(Model @Milenabessonova)

When it comes to application, keep in mind that metallic reflects light and for a night look it’s the best choice to shine! By mixing dimensional textures of metal and water or gel we add a soft freezing touch to get more glamorised. Interestingly, you can completely change your makeup and persona with just an extra swipe of dark violet eyeliner: for example I created the same effect on actress @JulesHough , 

actress @JulesHough

but when in doubt, keep it minimal and accomplish your winter makeup look through investing in impeccable skin makeup with cold pink glossy lips. Also, we could play around 2023 colour palette by applying ultraviolet shadows to the inner conner of the eyes. It gives definition to the eye’s makeup without looking too heavily made up. Creative ladies in business like @Alisa_Volskaya,


adore slightly colourful touches in the nude makeup stories. There’s really no better place to pull out all the stops with pink and violet shades because it looks so chic and elegant in a modern way and no matter what your plans entail. 

Victoria Wonck 

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Art Director

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