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Customer Support is one of the most important aspects of running a business. A business that lacks strong customer support cannot survive for long. No matter how good a product/service is, every business needs diligent customer support. Customer support can make or break a brand’s reputation and reliability. With the constant evolution of business and commerce, customer support has evolved at an impressive pace. Gone are the days of calling overloaded networks and telecom operators. We live in an era where chat-based customer support dominates.

Live Chat software has become a common feature in most websites. Live chat software is essentially a plug-in that can be added to your website to connect your user with an agent/operator in real-time. Customers can use this feature to clarify their queries and problems. There are a lot of Live Chat software available in the market and businesses seem to be spoilt for choice.

Live Chat also helps businesses interact with customers and clients directly through real-time chatting. This not only elevates the whole brand experience, but also establishes a richer connection between the customers and your company or brand. Live Chat can also be used for promotion or marketing making it a very lucrative tool for a small business to have.

Benefits of having a Live Chat Software

Customers today crave a stellar user experience when they are interacting with any digital brand. This experience is naturally taken a level up when a business has a strong presence online, but when you add little additional features like customer support at the tap of a finger, it brings about a world of a difference. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits brought about by adding live chat software to a business website or a business app.

  • Reduces Expenses: Financial allocation is crucial for a small business. Live chat software can significantly reduce the finances required for a good customer support wing. This is simply because chat support is more efficient, letting fewer people handle multiple clients simultaneously, increasing overall response time. Fewer people equals less expenses! Live chat is especially excellent for businesses that do most of their work on the Internet.
  • Helps with Market Research: Live Chat provides a chance for businesses to directly interact with their customers. Live Chats can be documented efficiently and filtered out. This helps in finding customer pain points for any product/service. Surveys can also be pushed through Live Chat to efficiently understand what a market wants. This data can prove to be gold, wen it comes to offering exactly what the customers are looking for!
  • Problem resolution time: Live chat helps reduce the time required for problem resolution. All a customer needs to do is, open your website and start chatting to get immediate attention, response and possibly quick resolutions. Since Live Chat happens in real-time, a user can rectify their problems almost immediately. This means, you save your own time and your customers’ time as well! A win-win, yet again.
  • Customer convenience: Live Chat is a very convenient solution for your customers. Research shows that most people are uncomfortable talking to operators and prefer talking through messages. This not only helps them put their issues in an uninhibited manner, but helps your team to understand their problems with ease as well. 
  • Customer service: Live Chat is improves customer service for a brand. It’s ease of use helps train operators quicker. An excellent choice for a small business.

Why Appy Pie’s Live Chat?

A relatively new Live Chat software, Appy Pie’s Live Chat is the one-stop solution for all small businesses. Live Chat has a user-friendly interface making it the perfect choice for beginners. However, the interface will keep professional customer support executives equally satisfied. Live Chat from Appy Pie has innovative features like canned responses, knowledgebase integration and much more.

Appy Pie is known for its app builder and its advanced yet simplified interface. This philosophy travels to their Live Chat software as it comes with an excellent and intuitive interface. Live Chat doesn’t fall short on the features front either.

Appy Pie’s Live Chat supports advanced Live Chat features like 3rd party integration, a built-in ticketing system, chat window customization, cloud-based archives, etc. The built-in ticketing system is a boon and combines live chat with a helpdesk system ensuring convenience for the user and simplicity for your business.

Appy Pie Live Chat also has detailed reports and analytics. Popular reporting systems like chat reports, agent reports, etc. are common, but Appy Pie goes the extra mile with rating reports and tracks the data that is shared with a customer. It also maintains customer privacy by masking user details, if they request it. Appy Pie’s Live Chat supports Single-Sign On(SSO). Agents and operators that work on Appy Pie’s dashboard can customize their dashboards to their liking which adds a fun little touch over the tool created for professionals.

While these features are common on most live chat software, Appy Pie’s Live Chat’s USP lies in the fact that Appy Pie’s Live Chat integrates seamlessly with apps and mobile pages. Live Chat on smartphones is a limited application since most live chat software is designed for PC websites. For apps made with Appy Pie’s App Builder, the Live Chat software works flawlessly. Another big plus with Appy Pie’s Live Chat is how efficiently it exports the reports to Google Sheets. This feature comes directly from their app builder which can create an app from Google Sheets.

Appy Pie’s Live Chat takes a cue from the brand’s other popular software and makes for an excellent Live Chat software which is in a league of its own. The software is constantly updated and shows true promise in a market of average, outdated and overrated software products. Appy Pie’s Live Chat is backed by a good code and excellent customer support for all the problems businesses might run into. A plethora of tutorials ensure that you are immediately put to ease with the platform and that your entire Live Chat experience will be excellent.

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