Press Release Revamps Public Sale Pricing to Reward Early Adopters

Tel Aviv —, a multi-product cryptocurrency platform, and launchpad, has announced a new token pricing mechanism with immediate effect, increasing the precision of the token pricing curve by a factor of 100. 

Chains, which is presently selling 1.8 billion CHA tokens on its cryptocurrency launchpad, has increased the granularity of the pricing mechanism 100-fold. Formerly, the Chains native token CHA would increase in price with every 18 million tokens sold.  Going forward, the public sale will see CHA token price change with every 180,000 tokens sold, although at the same pace as before.  The token sale is conducted in compliance with SEC rule 506c and so far over 55 million CHA tokens have been sold.

This follows Chains announcing a partnership with Fireblocks in furtherance of institutional grade services powering – partners such as Sum and Substance, Geetest, and Indacoin.

Going forward, CHA public sale price will rise at a greater speed, although at the same cumulative rate as the previous pricing model. As a one-stop shop for multiple crypto services, Chains aims to be a vehicle for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption by simplifying the experience for non-technological users.

Founder and CEO of, Anderson Mccutcheon stated: “Chains is performing its own CHA token sale on its own Launchpad — this allows us to both test-drive and showcase the platform.

”It also means that we are in the privileged position to react to user feedback and market forces and improve the way the product functions as a result.”

Momentum from the public sale is expected to instigate a steady rise in value for the CHA token, which can be used to access the wide range of crypto functionality available on Early adopters of CHA are betting on the future of Chains due to its potential to rapidly gain market share in the eventual bull market as a result of its unique and all-encompassing offering.

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