Blockchain – Next Generation Profit-Sharing DeFi Hub on Cardano

During the months of January and February of 2024, the team has been working hard and had tremendous progress done on the development side.

Fully audited dApp is live on the main-net, AMM Swaps are coming to the testnet in a couple of weeks, our Decentralized Oracles have been upgraded and many more improvements that have propelled to move forward and become the go-to Cardano Profit Sharing DeFi Hub.


The team has reached a 40% mark of their pre-sale, which showcases the support from the early adopters and investors. It’s important to note that the pre-sale is scheduled to end in the coming weeks so make sure to check it out before it’s too late.

All information can be found on the dedicated Pre-Sale page


We have started and completed our P2P-Lending Smart Contract Audit, together with the partners from

It was a thorough walkthrough of the code, trying to find vulnerabilities and simulating thousands of various scenarios where exploits could be found. But both of the teams worked in tandem to find and fix potential issues. Resulting in P2P-Lending v2 being secure and safe for our users to use.


The team has supplied multiple previews of how our AMM Swap will look like and moved onto the development stage.

At the same time has started the audit process of the AMM swap engine. It is expected that the audit and AMM Swap testnet launch will happen in the coming 2 weeks, keep an eye on this one!


TAPTOOLS.IO PRICE FEEDS ADDED is the best place to check what is happening within Cardano Ecosystem in terms of Token prices and NFT prices. team has been working closely with them to have the price feeds added into our own Decentralized Oracles. And we’ve done it! Which is a huge achievement, having in mind that Taptools is going to be the 3rd aggregated price source, together with CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.


A new partnership with Wanchain, a decentralized bridge was established. Which allowed us to integrate their bridged USDC/USDT solution. is now one of the few projects within Cardano Ecosystem that has utility for these assets!

Overall the preparation for the bull market has been going smooth for the team, with the main focus being on product development and community building. The progress so far speaks for itself, with the 2nd product being launched just 3 months after the first one was rolled out. Pioneering Cardano’s DeFi Landscape is a trailblazing decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that empowers users with ownership through its native CERRA utility token, which operates seamlessly on the Cardano blockchain. As the driving force behind Cerra’s economic activities, the CERRA token represents a share of ownership in the platform, with all circulating tokens entitled to receive 100% of the platform’s earnings through staking. By holding CERRA tokens, users can secure a lifetime of passive income while actively participating in the future of Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem.

Transparent Ownership and Revenue Generation

Cerra’s commitment to transparency is evident in its fully open-sourced components, making the CERRA utility token the sole and authentic source of ownership within the platform. The platform generates revenue by offering essential DeFi services and collecting fees for their usage. These fees, resulting from interactions with Cerra’s DeFi smart contracts, are automatically directed to the Treasury smart contract. The Treasury smart contract then distributes a predetermined amount of funds based on the number of CERRA tokens staked within it, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of profits among token holders.

A Comprehensive Suite of DeFi Services

Cerra’s platform boasts a robust array of DeFi services, each contributing to the platform’s overall revenue generation. These services include peer-to-peer lending, where fixed ADA fees are charged for creating borrowing or lending requests; spot swaps, which incur a fixed ADA fee for every swap executed within the liquidity pool; pool lending, which involves a set ADA percentage fee for borrowing from the liquidity pool; and derivatives, where opening each position carries a fixed ADA fee. All of these fees are deposited directly into the Treasury smart contract, further strengthening the platform’s financial foundation and providing a reliable source of passive income for CERRA token holders.

More to come! Website  |  Twitter  |  Discord.

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