Blockchain Gains Momentum with Audit, Pre-Sale, DEX Launch and More


The decentralized finance platform has rapidly gained momentum since launching one month ago. An audit of its peer-to-peer lending smart contracts is nearing completion while the pre-sale offering continues. Integration of decentralized storage and upcoming release of an AMM swap feature showcase’s commitment to innovation. Improvements across user experience, security measures, pioneering technology adoption, and new product releases have fueled tremendous growth. As the first platform enabling decentralized passive income solutions on the Cardano blockchain, is establishing itself as a trailblazer shaping the future of DeFi.

Press Release

Since the launch of their decentralized application just a month ago, the momentum has not wavered. The team has forged new partnerships, introduced additional products, enhanced user experience, and is in progress of conducting a thorough smart contract audit. The team is on an unwavering trajectory of advancement.

P2P-Lending Smart Contract Audit

The live deployment of the product just before Christmas 2023 was strategically timed. Cerra stands out as a lending option by utilizing in-house-developed decentralized oracles. While these features emphasize innovation, the paramount importance of security and flawlessness led the team to seek a third-party auditor. Enter Tweag, a leading auditing firm with a wealth of experience, ensuring the integrity and security of the product. Tweag has an impressive track record, conducting audits for projects inside Cardano, like Minswap, GeniusYield, GeroWallet and many others. The audit is going at rapid pace and according to the team, should be coming to the closing stages in the weeks ahead.


Currently the pre-sale stage is happening directly on the newly established website: It has been progressing steadily in alignment of the platform development and feature releases. Make sure to check it out and join the early-birds team.

Development Updates

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, “DePIN” has become a buzzword, seized the opportunity presented by Iagon, a Cloud Computing Platform within the Cardano ecosystem, becoming the first dApp on Cardano to utilize decentralized storage. 

Moving forward – a recent announcement from the team will bring another interesting feature to the platform. Xerberus Risk Rating system will help lenders and traders manage their exposure while using Cerra. The feature will go live after the next major risk upgrade that Xerberus is planning towards the End of February/Early March!

Additionally, substantial UX improvements, such as order filtering, faster loading times, live blockchain querying, and an enhanced create order wizard, have been implemented to elevate the user experience.

Upcoming AMM Swap

As a hub for Passive Income DeFi, doesn’t settle for a single product. The team is excited to announce an upcoming release, AMM Swap, scheduled for launch before the end of Q1 2024. The Swap is bringing in a status quo to existing options, with new out-of-the-box features. This addition aims to boost liquidity, drive product adoption, and increase fee generation, with a commitment to providing the lowest trading fees in the market. All resulting fees will be split with the valued CERRA token holders. This journey is marked by continuous innovation, and is thrilled to push for more progress and innovation along the way.

In conclusion, stands at the forefront of the Cardano ecosystem, shaping the landscape of Decentralized Passive Income with unwavering commitment and constant innovation. From strategic partnerships and robust security measures to pioneering the use of decentralized solutions and introducing new products like AMM Swap, the journey is marked by progress. As the team continues to push boundaries and enhance user experience.

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