Cardano Based GOmetalaunch $URGO Token Seed Sale is Live Already

Cardano Based GOmetalaunch $URGO Token Seed Sale is Live Already

The Seed Sale of $URGO Token, GOmetalaunch Utility token is live now. Moreover, early adopters flock to the Cardano Metaverse Gateway as the Cardano-based GOmetalaunch begins its $URGO Token Seed Sale, selling 11% of the allotted tokens already.

Indeed, on the Cardano Blockchain, GOmetalaunch is the Pioneer Metaverse IDO Launchpad. Furthermore, first of its type on the blockchain, devoted entirely to creating Cardano metaverse projects and play-to-earn NFT initiatives on the Cardano blockchain and other blockchains such as Binance and Ethereum.

The Future Vision

Subsequently, with Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple all investing in the Metaverse lately, Gometalaunch too believes the Metaverse is the future of the internet and human connections. Thus, it strives to bring people closer to the new trending world by bringing them closer through the Metaverse.

Moreover, access to the first Metaverse projects will be available to $URGO token holders and community members, which will give a unique chance to be the pioneers laying the foundation of the Metaverse.

$URGO Token Features:

  1. Staking: There are two ways to earn rewards with the $URGO tokens: One may stake them even delegate them to a staking pool.
  2. Trading: $URGO can be traded against USDT and ADA once listed on an exchange.
  3. Store of Value: One may swap their $URGO Tokens into ADA or USDT
  4. Governance: Governance and decision-making processes are governed by $URGO tokens. Moreover, the more tokens one owns, the greater the weight of their vote in the ecosystem’s government.
  5. Access to the Metaverse: With the $URGO token, one will get exclusive access to the most exemplary Metaverse projects and features before anybody else.
  6. Access to NFTs: $URGO Token holders will have access to NFT skins and collectibles in the Metaverse that are otherwise unavailable to the general public.

Moreover, one can join the Seed Sale Through

How to Purchase $URGO Tokens?

Step 1: Buy ADA on any cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase or Binance and transfer it to Cardano wallet.

Step 2: Send the ADA to the wallet address shown on the $URGO Token Sale page.

Last but not least, $URGO tokens will be sent to the wallet address to which the ADA was sent.


  • Briefly be careful to only transmit ADA from Cardano wallets like Yoroi, Daedalus, or Adalite and not from an exchange wallet.
  • $URGO Tokens within 24 hours after submitting ADA will be airdropped to buyers wallets; we appreciate your patience.
  • Furthermore, in order to be eligible for buying $URGO Tokens, one must meet the minimum ADA requirement for each sale round.

About GOmetalaunch

Gometalaunch, the first Cross Chain Metaverse IDO Launchpad created on the Cardano Blockchain. Furthermore, GO Community members and Token Holders will participate in unique Metaverse Project launches. Subsequently, it will serve as the foundation for the Metaverse future, with Gometalaunch acting as a doorway to the Metaverse.

$URGO Token Seed Sale Details

Seed Sale Allocation: 200,000,000 $URGO Tokens

Seed Sale Price: 1 ADA = 526 $URGO Tokens

Sales Page:

Minimum Buy Amount: 200 ADA per purchase

Maximum Buy Amount: 20,000 ADA per Purchase

NOTE: There is a pre-set minimum amount; users should not send less than that.

Media Links


Telegram Group:

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Media Details

Company Name: GOmetalaunch

Contact Name: Gometa\

Location: US/NY




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