Press Release Records 82% of Its 210,000 ADA soft cap For private Sale Round.

While it is true that all investments made in early periods are the ones that present the greatest risk, they are also the investments that can offer a much higher percentage of profit. We would like to present GOmetalaunch to you, an exciting new Cardano project dedicated solely to launching Metaverse Gaming and NFT/DEfi projects. With multiple investment options for initial DEX offering for investors to take advantage of.

You can join the private sale via:
Or visit our website to read our whitepaper:

While we are nearing the selling out of our private sale with 28,000 ADA required to be filled to attain our soft Cap of 210,000 ADA for private sales.

$URGO token is trading at 1ADA = 476URGO
Private sale max buy is 20,000 ADA

Private sale min buy is 200 ADA.
Sales Page:

The Public ISPO offering is coming after the end of private sale and exchange listing will follow simultaneously.

It is vital therefore to note that the price of URGO for the Public sale will be significantly higher, so early birds will get it cheap at this private sale round.

With the URGO wallet build coming along with the build of the Launchpad, the team is exploring all avenues that will help keep the value of $URGO Tokens at its top value at all times by adopting as much avenues as possible. As we believe that the $URGO wallet will bring more users and demand to the GOmetalaunch fold and Community.

You can follow up the wallet build on our GitHub Page:

About GOmetalaunch

GOmetalaunch is the first Cross Chain Metaverse IDO Launchpad being built on the Cardano Blockchain. Metalaunch will act as the gate way to the metaverse, offering GO Community members and Token Holders the opportunity to become the earliest and pioneer adopters of the Metaverse through exclusive Metaverse Project launches that will form the building blocks of the future of the Metaverse, while also protecting your Investments from Rugpull and Scam projects. The metaverse is the future of the internet and human interactions, because if you are following recent news, you would have noticed that the three biggest companies in the world (Facebook, Microsoft and Apple) have invested interests in the Metaverse. You will be blatantly blind to not see the opportunity waiting for you at GOmetalaunch.

GOmetalaunch is offering you the opportunity to become the first and earliest pioneers of the future through access to the earliest Metaverse projects that will form building blocks of The Metaverse, the question is if you have the vision and foresight to recognize the opportunity lying before you.

What Makes GOmetalaunch Different?

1. The truth is that GOmetalaunch is the first of its type on the Cardano blockchain with full support for Metaverse IDO Launches, and although there are other Cardano-based projects, none of them have the unique combination of characteristics that GOmetalaunch possesses, leaving it completely devoid of competition as a result. Some of these unique features are as follows; Staking, Token Burn, Governance, Guaranteed IDO Allocations, Featured Listings, Exclusive NFT Rewards.

2. Unlike our competitors, we fully support Cardano native coins and cross chain support as well as Metaverse IDO of projects on Ethereum and Binance will also be carried out on GOmetalaunch and provide extensive DeFi features to assist new projects in their growth and development.

3. This will be the region where Cardanos massive ecosystem will be able to come together and support high-return ventures with great profit potential. This will be accomplished via the use of GOmetalaunch.

4. There are needless delays or cumbersome checks when money is raised and tokens bought are delivered immediately to the users wallet.

5. To maintain the long-term viability of the DeFi business as a whole, we work tirelessly to ensure that all parties benefit from our endeavors.

6. GO labs has made lucrative partnerships with Blockchain Industry Experts and Gurus which will ensure that any project that is launched on Metalaunch has the full support needed to ensure success.

7. We also have an extensive network of Marketing experts and Executives with links to the best Influencer Marketing Network to ensure that any project applying for IDO on our platform receives the full funding needed, and the full exposure needed to get blockchain enthusiasts informed about the Metaverse projects and that they receive the full support of an extensive array of Blockchain communities needed to succeed.

8. Additionally GO Community members will be involved in the full governance process through a Tier System, to ensure that everybody has a fair opportunity and allocation to support and earn rewards and Tokens of the most sought after Metaverse projects at the cheapest rates first before it goes public.

9. GO Community members also have the opportunity to make votes as it affects key decisions regarding governance of the GOmetalaunch project

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