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Can Bitcoin Cash survive the crypto market?

The threat that a crypto exchange may go bankrupt is now behind everyone’s mind, as we have witnessed a couple of times this year alone. However, such fear is valid as no one wants to lose their hard-earned money. Therefore, Bitcoin Cash trading is an excellent choice for those wishing to participate in crypto trading.

As we come to the end of 2022, it has been quite a rollercoaster with much news to cheer for and many to dread from. We have seen promising exchanges suddenly becoming bankrupt due to bad governance. Although, in the end, the investors lose their money, such events leave a mental scare.

It is true that many still believe in cryptos and have become a bit wiser. Instead of storing their cryptos on the exchange, they hold them in physical crypto wallets. If you are new to crypto and wish to enter the crypto market, but want to know some essential features, then this article will surely guide you.

Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin. 

So what is a hard fork?

A hard fork is when a new cryptocurrency is created based on the original cryptocurrency. The newly created cryptocurrency has some modifications and policies implemented. The new cryptocurrency is an offshoot of the original cryptocurrency. At times a hard fork is necessary if the crypto requires an upgrade.

Features of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash is an offshoot of Bitcoin; it has certain modifications and different policies distinct from the original crypto. Bitcoin hard fork in 2017.

Compared to Bitcoin, which has a block size of 1 MB, each block of Bitcoin Cash is 32 MB. 

Transactions of Bitcoin Cash are faster and cheaper than Bitcoin’s; however, there is a trade-off: the security of Bitcoin Cash is weaker than Bitcoin’s.

Working of Bitcoin Cash.

A single block in a blockchain acts like a ledger recording all the transactions that have taken place when the token gets exchanged to some other user. For example, the block records the transaction between the buyer and a seller as it gets exchanged. 

When the block is full of information and cannot accept any further information, a new block comes into existence with the help of miners. At the same time, the miners keep on adding a new block to the chain. The first one to verify a transaction adds the information in the block after confirming and gets rewarded. Anyone can view the transaction; each transaction is transparent. The miners get paid in Bitcoin Cash.

Since it works on Defi or decentralized finance, the record of each transaction is verified by many, and they can keep a record. Thus, there is no way one can manipulate the transaction, as one would have to make changes across several verifying nodes.

Is it worth investing in and trading Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin cash is one of the cryptocurrencies. The crypto market is quite different from the traditional financial market, like the stock market. Although it follows certain economic factors like demand and supply, some economic factors do not influence a crypto’s price fluctuation. Bitcoin Cash trading has its advantages and challenges that will be discussed further in the article.

Since Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency, it likewise exhibits these fluctuations since cryptocurrencies are quite volatile and are influenced by a wide range of variables.

It is wise to consider all the parameters and your risk appetite if you consider investing in a cryptocurrency. However, many are adopting cryptos to hedge against inflation.

Can Bitcoin Cash be used for Day trading?

Day trading is a strategy in which a user or a crypto trader will open up a position depending upon their research and close the position when they reach their target. However, they have to close the position before the day ends as they would pay overheads for holding their investments and carrying them forward into the next day.

As per the historical data of Bitcoin Cash, there was a 20% moment in a single day. Thus, if you are good at your research and carry out your plan as per the strategy, the chances of making a profit are always there.

As per the current market trend of Bitcoin Cash, it is moving sideways, and the price is fluctuating between $115 and $100, so as a trader, you can make a good amount of money even while trading in these current market conditions.

Bitcoin Cash in the crypto market.

There was a time during the inception of Bitcoin Cash when the value of each token was more than $3,000 in July 2017, and Bitcoin was trending roughly around $2,800. There was a general opinion that Bitcoin Cash would replace Bitcoin. It would have, but some old-school Satoshi Nakamoto fans dreaded Bitcoin Cash. However, both tokens have their own admirers; as of today, Bitcoin is trending between $17,000 and $15,000, while Bitcoin Cash is trending between $115 and $100. 

According to experts, the cryptos will start surging once this economic downturn ends. Therefore, the future does look bright for both tokens. However, Bitcoin Cash trading will be favored by many since it is within the research of many compared to Bitcoin.

Five Interesting Facts You Should Be Aware Of Bitcoin Cash.

  • Due to a hard fork in the Bitcoin code, Bitcoin Cash is anticipated to process transactions more quickly. The fork in Bitcoin Cash took place at block 478,559.
  • Despite its genesis and the motivations behind its formation, Bitcoin Cash has been categorized as an altcoin. It has no direct relationship to the value of a Bitcoin since it is not one.
  • Due to its larger block size, Bitcoin Cash processes transactions more quickly than Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is a separate currency that performs like Bitcoin.
  • Investors received “free coins” due to the split of Bitcoin at the time the hard fork happened when the coin had no value. In this instance, significant market changes led to Bitcoin Cash, which earned a seat on the list of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap for November 2017.
  • Investors believe that Bitcoin Cash wasn’t developed because it has hit its maximum block production but rather to combat the high costs and sluggish transactions that would have finally destroyed Bitcoin.

Final Thoughts.

There is an inherent risk associated with all the cryptos, and investing in them is also quite risky; however, while investing, it is wise to invester trade the excess money, which you won’t regret if you lose it.

Bitcoin Cash trading is also popular with many crypto users as it is within their grasp. As per the experts, the price of it is bound to surge in the future.

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