Can Apps Help You Navigate Bitcoin Price Fluctuations?

Bitcoin Price

Having real-time information on Bitcoin price change is crucial if you are a trader or investor of Bitcoin. To become successful in trading and to invest in the crypto market, you need to keep track of the price fluctuations. 

Well, how can you do that with such a highly-volatile market? It’s very simple, download an app on your phone. Yes, you can track the price of bitcoin, and you can also get Bitcoin price alerts by simply using an app. 

Moreover, some advanced app also allows you to trade and invest in the crypto market. Many people use the Bitcoin Supreme for investing in cryptos and in other assets like cannabis. If you want to invest in bitcoin, then you can use the following apps to get useful information on the crypto market.

Best Apps to Track Price Fluctuations of Bitcoin

Many apps are available on the store to get the price information of bitcoin. But here are some of the top apps that can help you track real-time and accurate price change of bitcoin and alerts you when it reaches a critical level. 


The most popular cryptocurrency wallets of the world, Coinbase, offers more features and functionalities than just price information. This app does not only give you information about bitcoin, but it also helps you to get details about other cryptocurrencies. Here are the following features that Coinbase offers you. 

  • Track Price Fluctuations: This is one of the best platforms which update you about the price fluctuation of bitcoin. The important thing is that you get real-time and accurate price information. 
  •  Make Transactions: Along with tracking the price fluctuations, the app allows you to buy, spend, and store bitcoin from the app. It is a secure platform for storing your bitcoin and supported both in android and iOS phones. 
  • Price Alerts:  Coinbase also offers price alert features, which means it notifies you when the price of bitcoin reaches a certain level. It may be drop or rise in value; you can set the level according to your requirement. 

The app provides useful privacy features with a list of 15 permissions. Overall, Coinbase is a useful, trustworthy, and user-friendly app for getting involved in bitcoin. 


CrypTick is only compatible with android, and this is a relatively new app than others. The app is straightforward, light, clean, and very easy to use with different features.  Although it’s a newcomer, it provides the following features for bitcoin and crypto users. 

  • Price Information: The app provides you price information by collecting data from six crypto exchanges. The price chart shows a 24-hour graph. 
  • Includes Multiple Digital Currencies: This platform provides price information about bitcoin, but it also offers information about other digital currencies. You can pin your favorite coin to your watchlist for getting the price information. 

The most exciting part of the app is you can remove ads without paying any fee. So this is one of those useful apps which provides information on different cryptocurrencies. Crypto News is a popular site in the investment world for news updates, price information for different types of assets, basically stocks. Its cryptocurrency app also provides the essential features and information that make it the top list of apps in the crypto world. 

  • Real-time Price Updates: The app provides real-time data for crypto prices. Along with that, it also provides the total market cap and many other details about multiple coins. 
  • News Updates: The app provides you latest news from different sources for cryptocurrencies. 
  • Price Alerts: The app also offers a price alert feature. 


Darkdoo provides you the most powerful features for price information on bitcoin and other digital coins. This app is first developed for the phone. Here are the best features of this app that you may be helpful for you. 

  • Price Chart for Multiple Currencies: This app offers you a real-time price chart in the different time frames for multiple digital currencies. 
  • Intelligent Alert System: This system of the app notifies you when there is a higher probability of trend reversal. This is one of the most useful features for crypto traders. 

However, you have to pay some fees to get these features. If you are planning for long term goals in your investing journey, this app may be the perfect choice for you. 

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