Best Bitcoin Apps You Should Have On Your Phone In 2020

Bitcoin Apps

How much are you aware of the future of money? If you do not know about bitcoin, you may need to learn about it. Or, if you already have a little idea, you may want to use it for your financial transactions, trading, or investing, right?

In recent years, a growing number of people are joining the virtual currency market. Apart from bitcoin, there are thousands of digital currencies. Bitcoin has gained wide acceptance and popularity for the following reasons:

  • Decentralization: You can send and receive money without the involvement of any middleman.
  • Transparent: You can trace the transactions from the beginning to the end.
  • Faster and Secure Transactions: The transactions in bitcoin or other digital currencies are faster and highly secure due to cryptographic encryption.
  • Immutable: The transactions in the network can’t be hacked because everyone within the system can access everything, but nobody can modify it.  
  • Cost-effective: The transaction fee is very less as compared to the traditional financial system, even if for global transactions. 

Above all, most people are interested in bitcoin because it is one of the best investment options. If not for the long term, they want short term gains. Experts predict that the demand for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is going to increase. Further, many people think digital currencies are going to be the future of money. 

However, you can’t be sure about this; there are chances for digital currencies to be used for financial transactions. Keeping this in mind, I have come up with a list of bitcoin apps that you may apply for learning and earning. 

Useful Bitcoin Apps

Whether you are using an android or iOS smartphone, you can use the following apps to get involved in bitcoin. The apps will provide you useful information, news updates, price alerts, digital wallets for bitcoin. Some of the apps will also allow you to invest or trade in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Bitcoin lifestyle is a reliable and trusted platform for investment and trading. Now let us take a look at the apps that you should have on your phone in 2020

1) Coinbase

Coinbase claims itself as one of the best platforms in the world for bitcoin. And honestly, the app is useful in terms of its user-interface as well as for functionalities. This allows its user to store, send and receive bitcoin through this app. The layout of the app is attractive to material design. 

Along with that, it also provides features to request other users for bitcoins.  Coinbase also has a remote disable feature that protects your wallet if your phone is lost or stolen. It is one of the most trusted bitcoin apps in the digital currency industry. 

2) Blockfolio 

Blockfolio is one of the best apps in the store because of its useful features. This app provides you real-time detailed information and news on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Blockfolio lists more than 800 currencies and contains the details about each coin. 

Further, the app also notifies when prices of currencies reach to a target level. This app is free to use and useful for serious cryptocurrency investors. 

3) Bitcoin Wallet

The Bitcoin wallet is one of the best crypto apps which offer different features. The UI is attractive and easy to use with high-security features. Nobody can access your information from your wallet. The wallet provides you information on currency exchange rates and bitcoin price history. 

4) zTrader

zTrader is one of the most sophisticated apps in the crypto world. It is a complex app that provides in-depth information on different exchanges and analyses of prior or multiple currencies. It is one of the most secure apps with API keying and 25-bit AES encryption. 

This app offers more features than a novice user needs. zTrader is a perfect choice for serious users who actually wants to invest in bitcoin or in any other crypto coins. The app is free to download, and you need to pay for getting all the features. 


The above apps are the most valuable apps in the crypto world. Now choose any one of the above apps according to your requirement and download it to get started. Lastly, don’t forget to share your views on this post. 

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