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Call for Cost-Effective Energy Storage to drive the Lead Acid Battery Market

With the realization that spending on energy storage is the topmost priority across every industry vertical, the market for the lead-acid battery is bound to grow manifold in the upcoming period. Also, the fact that lead-acid batteries are cost-effective as compared to lithium-ion batteries is there to take the lead-acid battery market by storm.

At the same time, the fact that NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) battery is a matured technology, especially as far as hybrid applications are concerned can’t be ignored. As of now, this technology is used by Lexus, Honda, and Toyota. Persistence Market Research has walked through these facts with insights in its latest market study entitled “Lead Acid Battery Market”.

Lead Acid Battery Market Categorization

The global lead-acid battery market, by technology, spans basic lead-acid batteries and advanced lead-acid batteries. By type, it’s mobile and stationary. Construction method-wise, it’s commercial & residential, industrial, transportation, and utility. By vertical, it’s telecom, data centers, oil & gas, and likewise. Persistence Market Research has highlighted these facts with prospects in its latest market study entitled “Lead Acid Battery Market”.

global lead acid battery market

Region-wise Analysis

North America and Europe are at the mature stage of the lead-acid battery market. However, the Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest rate herein in the next 10 years. This could be attributed to flourishing commercial & residential and industrial sectors, coupled with transportation. The countries leading from the front include India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and China. Persistence Market Research has entailed these facts with future perspectives in its latest market study entitled “Lead Acid Battery Market”.

Competitive Landscape

Persistence Market Research has profiled the key players in the lead-acid battery market as EnerSys, Exide Industries, Clarion, GS Yuasa, Panasonic, Narada Power, Chaowei Power, Crown Battery, HBL Power Systems, Hitachi Chemical, NorthStar, Teledyne Technologies, Hankook AtlasBX, East Penn, HOPPEXKE, Rolls Battery, C&D Technologies, Camel Power, Amara Raja Power System, Okaya Power, XUPAI Battery, Harbin Coslight Power, Leoch International Technology, and First National Battery.

Persistence Market Research has also mentioned the latest developments on this count. For instance – EnerSys, in August 2019, did announce expanding the production capabilities in Florida and Pennsylvania for addressing the aerospace & defense sectors. Narada Power, in August 2019, did ink a contract with the UN project affairs for supplying high-temperature HTB series batteries.


These batteries have found their way to the Yemen hospital power supply project, which the World Bank funds. GS Yuasa, in March 2019, did open a new-fangled automotive lead-acid battery plant in Turkey.

What Next?

The global lead-acid battery market is likely to grow at a notable rate in the next 10 years – Persistence Market Research

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