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What is XRP?

XRP is a digital asset built for payments and is the native asset on the XRP ledger that is open-source, decentralised and permissionless blockchain technology.

Recent XRP news

Ripple, the parent company of XRP has been facing regulatory issues over the past year as it continues to fend off the Securities Exchange Committee (SEC). The company’s legal woes began when the SEC filed a lawsuit alleging that Ripple had breached the securities laws during the sale of its tokens. The lawsuit is currently still ongoing between both parties. However, Ripple has had some positive news over the past month with its recent 250 million fund for NFT creators and also its intentions to launch wrapped XRP (wXRP) on the Ethereum blockchain, which would allow XRP holders to participate in DeFi. Another most notable news that has been floating around for a while now has been the speculation that Ripple might be going public in an IPO subsequent to the lawsuit.

XRP performance so far

XRP has risen over 575% year to date as of the day writing this article, with a 1070% increase in April before the blow-off top in crypto earlier this year. XRP is still quite a distance away from its all-time high of $3.31 which was hit during the previous bull market in 2017. Currently, it is ranked 7th overall among all the cryptocurrencies and has a market cap of $59,944,461,797.

Buy XRP on Bityard

With the recent lawsuit, many exchanges especially in the US have halted the trading of XRP till the results of the lawsuit are announced. Due to this, many of the US users are not able to buy XRP, a top 10 ranked cryptocurrency, and are missing out on trading opportunities.

With BitYard, users from over 150 countries, including the US are able to buy and sell XRP just using their credit cards. Leverage our recent partnership with Banxa to buy XRP and other cryptocurrencies in a safe and secure manner.

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About BitYard:

Founded in late 2019 and headquartered in Singapore, BitYard is a leading global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. As one of the fastest-growing exchanges, BitYard has continuously optimized and upgraded the platform and has brought many quality trading services to users worldwide. With the new corporate slogan “Grow Your Future in the Yard” BitYard will continue to help investors around the world to achieve their goals through providing one-stop financial trading services.

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