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Business visionary Vinay Maloo of Enso Group speaks about the importance of confidence in business.

As the Founder and Chairman of Enso Group, he has confidently moved his way to the top in the business realm of the world.

With building and developing businesses, it is also essential to create a positive environment for a company and business. This is a lesson entrepreneurs must learn, as, most often than not, they focus only on making sales and revenue but hardly on the positive environment they are creating for them and their employees to flourish in the organization. It is necessary for business owners to understand that only creating a pressurized environment lowers the employees’ self-esteem and confidence, which doesn’t lead to any positive leads or success for the company. Vinay Maloo, to seconds this thought as the Founder and Chairman of Enso Group, a Mumbai-based conglomerate.

Vinay Maloo says that confidence is one of the most important things in business, which leads to creating a positive and joyful environment in the workplace, which results in these businesses thriving more. There are a few points through which this incredible business owner and visionary help explain how confidence plays a vital role in business success.

  • Confidence helps improve communication skills: When a person feels confident, he can clearly state what he needs or wants in his workplace and becomes clearer in his thoughts and opinions. This helps improve conversations and communication, making things easier for people in an organization.
  • Confidence helps in dealing with conflicts: Since it helps in communication and helps people clearly voice out their opinions, it also helps them deal with the conflicts that may arise in organizations. For example, if an employee’s ideas do not impress their bosses, they can confidently point out their thoughts and also easily deal with any conflict it may arise.
  • Confidence helps people in taking feedback better: When people let their egos enter their minds, they block all gateways of knowledge and feedback from their seniors, which doesn’t really help them thrive. But, confident individuals are those who know how to take feedback and make sure not to repeat the same mistakes and learn from them to become better.


Vinay Maloo points out that confidence also helps make people happier at work, for they know why they are doing what they are doing, and a positive environment attracts more positivity among people.


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