How business communication has evolved over the years 


COVID-19 is said to have forever changed the world, and effective business communication is no exception. Employees are setting up home offices and bringing all work communication online as remote work becomes the new normal. Nothing is the same anymore, whether you are communicating with coworkers, customers, or partners.

Naturally, businesses face numerous challenges, ranging from a lack of human interaction to ineffective online collaboration tools that do not meet their needs. Let us look at effective business communication challenges that have arisen as a result of the pandemic and discuss the best ways to address them.

How do your company’s employees communicate? Do you use email by default, a dedicated tool, or an approach, depending on the situation? If you have not weighed the benefits and drawbacks of your company’s communication strategy, it is time to evaluate if you are falling behind.

Today’s teams have more options than ever before, thanks to Clariti, Slack, and dozens of other digital workplace applications. If you want to know which option is best for your employees, you should research how communication technologies have evolved — and how new collaboration tools are providing cutting-edge capabilities to teams in need of competitive solutions.

Next step in business evolution

Despite the crowded field of collaboration tools available, organizations must think critically to select a comprehensive tool that fits their workflow and purpose. For some businesses, relying on an ecosystem of multiple apps to support their work may be inefficient. However, for businesses with a distributed workforce or changing operational requirements, the latest in digital communication: and workplace collaboration tools are the way to go. These tools create an all-in-one, highly customizable teamwork solution by layering sophisticated discussion channels on top of workflow processes.

Use the right technology to communicate effectively

Businesses can use various tools to promote effective business communication when engaging with people virtually. Consider varying your approach when communicating with your team.

  • Email – Email is an excellent way to track communications and inform relevant people. Even though many businesses use email, it is important to teach your teams the value of this tool. Email applications are frequently used to connect businesses, with comprehensive meeting calendars, address books, and organizational functions at your team members’ fingertips. However, ensure that you do not overly rely on email as a communication tool. Key business messages are frequently better explained verbally.
  • Instant messaging – Email can be a great way to communicate about larger projects. Give your employees access to instant messaging apps like Clariti to make it easier for them to have effective business communication throughout the day. This tool enables them to have real-time conversations, which can be used for quick updates or casual catchups.
  • Phone calls – This may seem obvious, but with Clariti software, people can easily have a phone conversation with each other instead of sending an email or making a video call. Encourage your teams to call one another whenever possible.

Promote open and effective lines of communication 

Aside from the available technology, there are five key areas where organizations can improve and enhance communication:

  1. Define goals and expectations – Management should set clear, attainable goals for individuals and their entire team to have effective business communication. It is important to outline precisely what is required for any given project. This ensures that all employees know the project’s, department’s, and company’s goals.
  2. Deliver your message clearly – Delivering a clear message to your team will ensure that they fully understand what you want them to do and your goals for assigning these tasks. Get your point across without causing confusion or offense.
  3. Choose the appropriate medium – It is important to determine what you will say and why, as well as to select the appropriate medium. Consider whether an email, phone call, or memo is the best way to convey your message.
  4. Keep everyone involved – If you want effective business communication to flow throughout the organization, you must be approachable. Make certain that the lines of communication are always open. It will encourage regular open dialogue with you.
  5. Listen to your team members – It is important to listen to your colleagues and take any suggestions or feedback they provide seriously. Real listening demonstrates respect and allows you to learn about outstanding issues as an employer.

Pick the right team communication tools

Businesses that work from home require a dependable tool that meets all of the needs of today’s remote team and makes online communication as human as possible. Among the many business chat tools available, try Clariti – a powerful team communication tool that addresses all of the abovementioned issues. Let us take a closer look at how Clariti can boost the productivity of your remote team:

  1. Audio calls

When working from home, you do not have to worry about your team being on the same page. Clariti connects your team via unlimited high-quality group or individual audio calls. You can make a call to your colleagues when they are online.

  1. A conversation for everything

In most of the tools, channels are usually up by an administrator or a top-level manager who then invites his team to participate in the conversations. Unfortunately, all the conversations on the channel are visible to all the invited participants. This creates unintended consequences.

But in Clariti, you can start a content-rich subject chat and add other participants on the go. You do not need an administrator to add or remove participants. Once a content-rich subject chat is formed, every participant in the group can decide what he/she wants to communicate and to whom he/she must communicate. This way, the privacy of the message is maintained throughout the group chat history, avoiding any unintended consequences.

  1. Say goodbye to search

Clariti offers a simple but elegant solution to this painful search problem through content-rich subject chats that can be named in ways that are meaningful to you. Clariti’s content-rich subject chat is a unique feature that helps teams improve communication by providing a dedicated space for discussing specific topics. By providing relevant information about the chat topic, the context behind each chat ensures that everyone is on the same page by enabling easy discussion of a particular topic.

Since Clariti allows you to add all related emails, calls, documents, social feeds, and even to-dos within the subject chat. It makes it easy for team members to quickly find the information they need in one place, avoiding information silos and misunderstandings.

As a result, Clariti’s content-rich subject chats can help teams improve communication by providing the context that is needed to understand the topic at hand without having to search. This helps teams to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

  1. Cloud storage

Clariti supports cloud storage apps tools like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Mega to share files with your friends and colleagues on the go. Typically, within 2 weeks of using Clariti, you will experience uninterrupted workflow and improvement in your productivity.


Effective business communication is essential for growth and professional collaboration. Businesses are shifting to remote work increasingly to reduce operational costs. And to meet the needs of a changing workforce that is demanding workplace flexibility. In this environment, online communication using chat, email, and shared cloud documents is increasingly necessary for working with remote teams. This is where Clariti can be very useful. Clariti is a free, cloud-based tool that you can use without having to install anything. With Clariti, teams can chat, email, access cloud documents, download feeds, and set up to-dos and calendars in a single app.

One of the unique features of Clariti software is “Content-rich subject chats”. Clariti’s subject chat transforms how work itself is done. A Clariti subject chat includes emails, calls, documents, social feeds, and even to-dos related to a topic. You can use Clariti’s subject chat tool as you work naturally, and the tool’s machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities allow you to build context naturally for all the work you do. Clariti supports a multi-layered authentication system. Each employee has access only to the information they strictly need and nothing more. Try Clariti today to keep your remote team productive and inspired.


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