Business Security Systems: A Guide for Beginners

Business Security Systems

The security of commercial properties, whether residential or non-residential, is a major concern to those who own such properties as well as those who occupy them. The system that protects these premises from theft and other risk factors can be as simple as a lock on the door or very complex involving electronic monitoring and identification systems.

In any case, business real estate buyers need to understand the basic components involved in security, what they need to achieve, and how much they can expect to pay for it all. This article provides an overview of the most common types of security measures available and what you might expect each one to cost.

Most Common Types of Business Security Measures

Commercial Fire and Life Safety

Beyond physical security designed to deter theft, vandalism, and other crimes, a significant number of commercial properties must also comply with building codes that address fire safety. Such buildings will have various safety features built into them to help ensure the occupants can exit quickly and safely without injury or death. These include:

  • Fire alarm systems.
  • Automatic sprinkler systems.
  • Smoke detectors.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Stairwell pressurization (in high-rise buildings).

Each of these features is designed as part of the overall fire protection system for the building. A buyer should expect that putting all or some of these elements in place will be an additional cost beyond any physical security measures already used on site.

This makes it especially important for buyers to understand what kind of fire safety system is already in place when considering the purchase of business property. Make sure to browse through these security solutions to see which one can be best applied to your business. Then, you can make the necessary arrangements to install one that fits your needs and be safe from any fire hazards.

Intercom/Entrance Systems

Much like residential properties, commercial spaces need to provide effective security at the entrances to each building. Usually, this involves some intercom or video surveillance system that allows someone in an office or other location within the premises to see who is outside before allowing them access into the building.

The installation cost will vary depending on what kind of technology must be used, whether it’s stand-alone or networked with other types of equipment, and how many doors require monitoring by this type of system.

If existing equipment can be reused – perhaps because it’s not too old – you should expect this aspect of your security system to be the least expensive. If it must be replaced, you will probably pay about the same as you would for a residential intercom system of similar quality.

Keycard Access Systems

A more sophisticated approach to entrance security involves card access systems that allow authorized personnel to gain entry by inserting their keycards into an electronic reader on each door they need to access. These cards are swiped through an associated device that records who entered and when.

This provides some control over who is using certain parts of the building even when no one is present in the office area or other location where this type of equipment has been installed.

The cost will vary according to what kind of technology is used, how many doors must have readers added, and the number of authorized users for whom cards must be issued.

Security Cameras and Video Surveillance

Security cameras and video surveillance play an essential role in keeping watch over 24/7 commercial property operations, including access points, hallways, and stairwells. Many building owners use these to monitor what’s happening at entrances, lobbies, elevators, and other areas that may not have card readers installed.

A camera system can provide evidence of what took place when a crime occurs, along with the means of relaying visual information about suspicious activity to police or security personnel on-site so they can respond quickly before any criminal act goes further than it otherwise might have.

Just like residential security camera systems, these too cost money but serve an essential role in keeping an eye on people to prevent or catch them doing something they shouldn’t.

Burglar Alarm Systems

A commercial alarm system consists of an interconnecting network of sensors that send alerts to a central command panel whenever someone breaks into the space, opens a door or window, smashes a glass entryway, moves furniture placed in front of an entrance, etc.

Most businesses have some burglar alarm system already in place, although they also fail to work as intended due to neglect or lack of funding for upkeep and maintenance. These systems may include exterior perimeter sensors, interior movement devices (such as pressure mats), smoke detectors, and glass breakage detectors.

The costs associated with these types of systems will vary depending on how many sensors are required, the type of alarm panel in use, whether or not it’s networked with other types of equipment, and if climate control is included with its installation.

Is it Worth Getting a Business Security System for Your Company?

There’s no such thing as having too many security systems installed on commercial property, whether a retail store, restaurant, factory warehouse building, or office suite. No matter how much you spend to keep these areas well protected against the threats out there every day of the week, you’ll likely find it was money well spent in the long run.

Just make sure staff members know where all devices are located around entrances and other areas people may go inside the facility, so they’re not tampered with or set off when they’re not supposed to be.

As with residential security systems, the goal is not to have people become so accustomed to sensors being present that they go out of their way to set them off on purpose.

The Best Business Security System Provider in Miami

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