Bug Bulb Reviews 2022: Is This Powerful Boundery Bug Bulb For You This Summer?

The summer season is around the corner, it is something that you should expect every year whether you like it or not. Different weather and climatic events define our ecosystem and humans don’t have control over it. Some human activities can help to ameliorate these harsh weather conditions.

One thing is certain, summer seasons come with mosquitos’ infestation and the sound made by these mosquitoes is quite disturbing and uncomfortable. Around the world especially Sub Sahara Africa and South Asia, mosquitoes are causing serious havoc to both children and pregnant women (Bug Bulb Reviews).

Some insects breed and stay in forests and thick bushes, mosquitoes on the other hand, can find their way into homes. It is dangerous leaving your windows and doors open always, as you will be exposing yourself to flying bug. They can easily fly inside your homes and breed without you knowing (Boundery Bug Bulb Review).

 Until now, the use of chemicals in form of mosquitoes repellent have been making waves as they protect the body against mosquitoes, but sudden discoveries have shown that this chemicals are very harmful to the body.

No matter how much mosquitoes repellent you spray on your body, you cannot escape from the horror of this fly. Fortunately, mosquito-killing gadgets have never been in short supply via online stores. For most customers, the main challenge is determining which mosquito treatments are effective and which are simply cash grabs.

With summer in view and temperatures on the rise, mosquitoes and other winged insects are equally on the rise. They mostly live outdoors for people that leave their pool unkempt. They breed more in dirty pools or bushy surroundings, so it is advisable to take care of your pool from time to time and always try to cut over grown grasses around your homes.

Those bloodthirsty organisms called mosquitoes can ruin your summer if you are not careful. They are capable of sending you to hospital post-summer. And making you spend a lot of money treating malaria. The best measures to take to prevent the situation described above, is to protect yourself from mosquitoes using this Boundery Bug Bulb.

A new innovation from Boundery company, the BUG BULB is the best solution to eliminate mosquitoes and bugs. The Bug Bulb is 2-in-1 design that functions as a mosquito zapper and a lantern/flashlight. They majorly make use of ultra violet light to eliminate mosquitoes and different types of bugs.

You don’t need to worry about your children being around this device because they are human-friendly and don’t cause any adverse effect on a human beings (Boundery Bug Bulb Reviews).

The question then becomes, is it possible to get rid of mosquitoes without physically going after them? That’s a lot of work, even if you have free time; you’ll want to rather expend energy on more meaningful activities.

 In this summer period, don’t let mosquitoes and other annoying bugs make a buffet out of your loved ones. It is best to take them off the menu with this amazingly effective and portable Bug Light from Boundery Company. The Bug Bulb is a product that claims to be newly improved with better features. It has become popular with summer in view and will be explored in this Bug Bulb Review.

What is Boundery Bug Bulb?

The Bug Bulb is a tiny, portable device that attracts insects with UV light before killing them. They are safe and solar-powered bug repellent lamp that lets you enjoy the indoors and outdoors completely bug and mosquito free. This is a 2-in-1 device that functions as a bug killer and also works as a flashlight. When fully charged, this device can protect you from all kinds of bugs and mosquitoes for straight 20 hours without interruption (Boundery Bug Bulb Review).

It is a dual-functioning lamp that is used for lightning and as a bug repellant. The Bug Bulb draws mosquitoes in with attractive UV-lighting and zaps them dead instantly. The Boundery Company has the best zapper making waves in the market. Bug Bulb is a new innovation that has taken flying pest control to a whole new level.

 Stop slathering your family in stinky, toxic, unhealthy bug sprays and creams. The Bug Bulb is 100% safe to use around children and pets. This gadget is a USB-rechargeable and portable mosquito zapper that uses LED UV light to trap irritating insects like mosquitoes, gnats, and other pests without the use of toxic chemicals (Bug Light Bulb Reviews).

The Bug Light multi-purpose zapper lantern is the perfect outdoor accessory for all your summer adventures. The electrocution takes place on a pair of wire grids (one wire mesh). A strong voltage from the wire grids causes the electrocution.

This Bug Light is also known as electric insect killer or an electrical discharge insect control system that trap and kills insects by using an electric voltage. The voltage is only adequate to kill insects but not humans or animals. In form of a Bug Light, they light up your living room and at the same time protect you from mosquitoes.

Its LED Light gives your room an exciting look and keeps it free from noxious smells. Bug Light typically use LED UV light to attract insects to itself; these insects are invisible to the human eye which makes them harmful and dangerous, but with Bug Bulb from Boundery Company around your home, you are 100% protected from these bugs and mosquitoes.


Components of Bug Bulb (Boundery Bug Bulb Reviews)

The Bug Light Bulb is designed to stand high voltage grid exposure, the main material used to ensure that there is some level of protection from this high voltage is grounded metal or plastic protection covers. The light bulb is used to generate UV light which is the main component that attracts insects

This device has an in-built long-lasting rechargeable battery. It doesn’t take much time to get the Bug Bulb fully charged and the lantern mode can last up to 20hours while the zapper mode will keep you away from mosquitoes for up to 15 hours.

Unlike other mosquito repellants, the Bug Bulb is totally non-toxic and safe for use. They produce zero toxic, your respiratory system is protected and you don’t need to worry about respiratory attack for users that has asthma. They serve comfortably at any corner of your home even with your children around directly from the Boundery Bug Bulb Canada Reviews.

A pair of wire grids surrounds the light source, which is powered by an electric circuit. The Bug Bulb can create up to 2000 volts, which is enough for electrocuting insects, but it is not dangerous to humans and animals. This voltage is not high enough to cause electrocution of human.

The Bug Bulb has an in-built fan and tray used to collect and trap insects after electrocuting them to death. Bug Light functions with either rechargeable batteries that require a USB adapter to charge or alkaline batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries, that must be replaced.

Features of Bug Bulb (Bug Light Bulb Reviews)

Bug Bulb is a 2-in-1 new design that functions as both flashlight and a mosquito zapper. It is a convenient USB-rechargeable that is lightweight and compact for easy mobility. Below are some of the amazing features of Bug Bulb that makes them unique in the market:

It’s a Zapper and a Light

This powerful mosquito zapper doubles as a multi-purpose light. You can kill mosquitoes and use it as a flashlight, lantern, or reading light anywhere The light has three brightness settings and lasts for 20 hours on its lowest setting on a single charge. This dual-functionality makes it the ideal camping or outdoor accessory for any adventure (Boundery Bug Bulb Review).

Whether or not to use either of the modes depends entirely on the user depending on the circumstance surrounding the user’s living condition and reality. This device can also be used during an outdoor event once there is hook available for you to hang it, once it is on; it brightens your environment and at the same time protects you from mosquitoes. Its dual function is top-notch so it gives you the value for your money.

Powerful 360 degree Coverage

Bug Bulb basically looks like a normal light bulb but with powerful UV-light that attract mosquitoes to it. It’s perfect for literally any activity you don’t want mosquitoes to ruin. Bug Bulb delivers 360 zapping power and provides a mosquito-free zone of 16 x 16

Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

Rest assured that the Bug Light Bulb will deliver all the mosquito-killing power you need. The high-capacity rechargeable battery will last approximately 20 hours in lantern mode and around 15 hours in zapper mode.

Bug Bulb can be used anywhere. It is conveniently USB-rechargeable, lightweight, and compact for easy traveling. Move it around the home with ease or set it up besides for all night protection.

Handy Hanging Hook

This rechargeable zapper can be bung up nearly anywhere with the handy hanging hook. It’s the ideal camping or outdoor accessory for any summer adventure.

Comfortably place it wherever you like, hook it up high, and even take it with you to hotels or woodland cabins. Bug Bulb is so easy to carry and compact, that you’ll end up taking it everywhere.


The Bug Bulb can stand extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow and intense heat. Regardless of the temperature, no bug will go unnoticed and un-captured. They are compatible anywhere, it can be used outdoors under harsh weather conditions without getting worried about it breaking down.

It is best to carry along this device with you anytime you are going for camping and hiking because there are a lot of mosquitoes outdoors. The Bug Bulb fully protects you from all kinds of bugs and mosquitoes and makes your camping memorable.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

Low maintenance and easy to clean, every Bug Bulb comes with a brush to sweep away any debris from the inner coil. Once you empty the waste from the bottom shell, immediately, it is ready to be used again.

The controls and maintenance are uncomplicated and do not require much attention or effort from you. The device is also low maintenance as it includes a brush to clean any debris from the inner coil. Simply empty the bottom shell into the bin it will be good as new (Boundery Bug Bulb Review).

Powerful and Portable

The Bug Bulb has a 375 square foot effect range and can be carried anywhere. Keep it on a table or hang it up high. Bugs are instantly killed with a 1000v high voltage zap. With this high voltage, it is safe for human use. You are rest assured you are 100% protected from mosquitoes when you sleep around Bug Bulb.

Less Noisy and Environmental-friendly

Another feature of the Bug Bulb is that it is ultra-quiet. Unlike other mosquito killers, there is no zapping sound that this device can produce. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting started or waking your baby or children up. With the ultra-quiet feature that Bug Bulb has, you are assured of a restful night sleep.

The Bug Bulb runs on low energy. It uses 80% less energy than its rivals but yet delivers constant electricity more than its contemporaries. It is also environmentally friendly and also does not increase one’s electricity tariff.

Highly Affordable 

One would expect this product to be very expensive owing to the fact that there’s no match for this product in the world of zapping bulbs but the good news is that the manufacturers had the users in mind during the course of producing and marketing this product. The Boundery Bulb is very affordable and does not constitute a financial burden to buyers or intending buyers.


How does a Bug Bulb Work?

The fact remains that although insects are causes of various diseases, they are still of economical importance because they provide food, pollinate plants and spread disease. Insects such as mosquitoes and bugs have been at the top list of insects that causes diseases.

The major challenge facing humanity is the best way to eliminate these creatures called bugs from the face of the earth. There is an ongoing insect-control research, and several breakthroughs have been made. One of this breakthrough is biological pest control, this involves utilization of other creatures such as frogs and toads to destroy small insects.

Lately, there is an increase in development of severe form of repellant that helps to prevent infestation of insects. More lately, with the development of technology, more efficient and long-lasting procedures like UV light and insect electrocution in the form of a Bug Bulb have the new approach to get rid of insects (Boundery Bug Bulb Reviews).

What Makes the Bug Bulb From Boundery Worth Buying?

It is best you read the customers report of a product before buying it, for Bug Bulb, it absolutely worth buying. If you’ve ever been annoyed by mosquitoes yet don’t want to keep using the same stinky sprays, then Bug Bulb is the right thing for you.

The Bug Bulb can be used every season without breaking down. It is basic to maintain as it doesn’t require any periodic maintenance by a professional. It comes with its own USB cord that gets it fully charged within few hours.

Its inbuilt battery is the best of its kind and can last for up to 20 hours. It is also long-lasting and durable. This product does not require the expertise of a professional as you do not need to connect it to any wire/cable. The device is sufficient in itself so requires just periodic full charging to function optimally.

Take it with you on trips or hang it in your porch to avoid mosquitoes sneaking in. Place it on your bedside table to not get bitten at night. Or simply have it around to attract unwanted mosquitoes in your home. The possibilities are endless, but the result is exceptional. This Boundery Bug Bulb is already trending in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Benefits of Bug Bulb (Bug Bulb Reviews)

There are lots of benefits of purchasing and using the Bug Bulb. Below are some of them.

  1. Keeps families Bite-Free: Mosquitoes bites can be more than an irritation, especially if you or one of your children have a sensitivity, like Jacob. Bug Bulb keeps annoying mosquitoes away from you and your family so you can enjoy your summer evenings in peace.
  2. Chemical-Free and Safe to use: Bug Bulb doesn’t contain any toxic, gross-smelling chemicals that are harmful to you, your kids and pets. There is no need to worry about your kids getting shocked or hurt by Bug Bulb. This awesome zapper is completely safe to use in any environment.
  3. Handy Hanging Loop: Bug Bulb is designed with a handy hanging loop that makes using it absolutely effortless. It can be easily hung from above, or even from a bag or a bicycle, for maximum effectiveness wherever you are whether you’re using the Zapper Mode to kill mosquitoes or the Lantern Mode to see better.
  4. Compact and Portable: Bug Bulb is perfectly sized for use anywhere. It easily fits in your bag as you head out the door. Use it at the park, on a bike ride, the ball game or wherever for maximum mosquito relief.
  5. Healthy Sleep: Bug Bulb is ultra-quiet to run and the long-lasting battery will give you powerful protection all night long. Keep mosquitoes away from you and your family with this best-selling zapper that delivers all the mosquito-killing power you need.
  6. Easy To Clean: Bug Bulb is fast and super easy to clean. Just rinse off the dead debris under your tap and the water-resistant Bug Bulb will be ready to zap more mosquitoes.

How To Use Bug Light Bulb Effectively?

Below are step by step guide on how to make use of this device

  • Fully charge Bug Bulb with the included USB cord. Press the power on/off button to turn Bug Bulb on.
  • For Zapper Mode, simply press the zapper button for effective mosquito protection.
  • For Lantern Mode, Press the power button repeatedly to cycle through the 3 brightness levels: 20%, 50%, or !00%.

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Pros and Cons of Bug Bulb 

Pros (Boundery Bug Bulb Reviews).

  • It is highly compact device that can be used anywhere.
  • Design is both portable and lightweight
  • It is very affordable. You can get it with just a modest amount of money.
  • Mosquito repellant sprays, lotions, and even coils are only effective for a limited period of time, but Bug Bulb lasts a long time.
  • It zaps bugs from all sides with its 360 degree Purple LED light.
  • There is no associated repelling smell.
  • Cleaning the Boundery Bug Bulb is a breeze.
  • It contains no toxins or hazardous compounds.


  • This product is only available online
  • It is a small item, so it may not be able to cover a vast area due to its small size.
  • There is limited stock available.

Price and Where to Buy Bug Light Bulb?

The Bug Bulb is only available on the manufacturer’s official website. You can make your purchase via this official website by clicking on the link on this webpage. The official website have various payment options, you can make payment using your Debit Cards eg, MasterCard and Visa. Also, payment can be made via PayPal for those that have a PayPal account. Below are some of the price options of Bug Bulb:

  • 3 X Bug Light Bulbs cost $109.22
  • 1 X Bug Light Bulb cost $48.54
  • 2 X Bug Light Bulb cost $97.08
  • 4 X Bug Light Bulb cost $145.63

Recently, because of supply chain issues, Bug Bulb has already sold out 3x this past year. Their current supply is flying off the shelf! Get yours with 50% OFF plus Fast Shipping before it’s too late.

FAQs on Bug Bulb Reviews

How does Bug Bulb work?

Bug Bulb uses effective UV-lighting to attract mosquitoes, and then an electric coil to kill them.

Does Boundery Bug Bulb require a wall outlet for power?

Bug Bulb is powered by a rechargeable battery that uses a USB connection for charging.

How easy is Bug Light Bulb to use?

Super easy! Simply charge it with the USB cord, hang it anywhere with the loop, and you’re ready to zap mosquitoes

What are some tips to get the most out of my Boundary Bug Bulb?

For best results, place Bug Bulb in the area you wish to use and leave it operating for at least two hours. This will rid the area of any mosquitoes beforehand.

Customer’s Reviews on Boundery Bug Bulb Reviews

This is exactly what I wanted! Attracted little fruit flies or similar kind that grew out of my indoor plants. So effective and easy to clean, just recharge every other night.” – Na Li

“Easy to use, easy to clean, and it kills mosquitoes fast! It’s just about the best camping accessory you’ll find. Perfect for the outdoors.” —  Randy F (Boundery Bug Bulb Reviews).

“I use it every evening on my deck and we all love it. It works well for my weekend family get together. Will be getting more of these for sure.” – Alex C.

“The flashlight/lantern feature is a game-charger. I don’t think I would use it much but it’s great for hanging on my car hood while I make repair.” – Claude R.

Final Verdict on the Bug Light Bulb

Mosquitoes are the number one annoyance every summer. They’re not just irritating. They can cause havoc with your health! Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about mosquitoes anymore. Just set up a Bug Bulb and then let the zapper take care of this blood sucking mosquitoes while you fall asleep.  


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