Breaking Records: UXLINK Attracts 978,000 New Web3 Wallet Registration with $78,000,000 Deposit asset from February 01 to February 22, 2024

Singapore: Over the course of a groundbreaking launch campaign from February 1st, UXLINK, the leading Web3 social infrastructure platform renowned for its innovative “Real World Social” and “Group” features, launched multiple Web3 wallet feature that exceeded all expectations.

During this limited time frame, this feature resulted in the creation and connection of more than 978,000 new Web3 wallet addresses to UXLINK. The average value of assets held in these connected wallets surpassed $70 in equivalent tokens, totaling a remarkable $78 million. This surge in user engagement expanded globally, spanning across over 100 countries and regions including Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Europe, and the Middle East. Noteworthy was the peak in the new registration/UV ratio, reaching an outstanding 42%, underscoring the trust and efficiency cultivated through “Real World Social” and “Group” interactions.

UXLINK Protocol stands as a decentralised real world social protocol that empowers decentralised applications (DApps) to harness a broad spectrum of on-chain and off-chain social resources. These resources encompass user social account information, social relationship graphs, social tags, and social relationship recommendations, accelerating DApp development, facilitating cross-chain functionality, and harmonising social data across multiple contexts to elevate user experience and achieve business objectives.

Moreover, UXLINK has unveiled the third phase of its highly anticipated Odyssey Airdrop initiative, introducing a range of exciting features including wallet registration, binding, and check-ins. Participants are incentivized to earn additional token rewards by inviting friends to join the platform. To date, the Odyssey initiative has garnered participation from over 40,000 individuals, with plans set to launch the $UXLINK governance token airdrop in March 2024.

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With a user base exceeding 3 million verified users actively engaged in more than 74,000 groups, collectively reaching 6 million users, UXLINK is committed to revolutionising the Web3 landscape as a next-generation traffic and protocol-based infrastructure provider. By opening up protocols and collaborating with developers and ecosystem partners, UXLINK aims to deliver customised Web3 infrastructure services tailored to diverse social scenarios, integrating seamlessly with popular platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, email contacts, phone address book contacts, and Google contacts.



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