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BougeRV has released its New CIGS Thin-Film Solar Panel with better output

The cigs flexible solar panel is built for outdoor living.

BougeRV recently released its new CIGS thin-film solar panel which has been gaining praise from users and experts alike. This new material solar panel can be a supplement to existing solar panels. It’s the first try for the company to use CIGS material to make the solar panel. This product is also one of the few amorphous silicon solar panels on the market.

CIGS technology is one of the most high-performance thin-film technologies. It is a thin-film photovoltaic device that uses CIGS technology to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. 

By absorbing sunlight more efficiently the material works well even in winter. In addition, it has many possibilities for the future. Some of its key features include : 

1. 360°Real Flexible

Flexible panels are already, as the name suggests, more flexible than rigid panels and can be adapted to some surfaces, especially curved ones. However, the CIGS flexible solar panel is actually an upgrade of the ordinary flexible solar panel. If the ordinary flexible solar panel can be bent 150°, then BougeRV CIGS flexible solar panel can be bent to 360°, to achieve the real sense of bending. It can even be curved to a roll. And it can adhere to any uneven surface of an RV, boat, etc.

2. More Steady Output

Thanks to wire-intensive CIGS tech, BougeRV CIGS Flexible Solar Panel is more stable than the monocrystalline solar panel. In partial shade or in low-light conditions, the output of CIGS solar panels remains stable, about twice that of monocrystalline solar panels. As a result, it will gather more energy while partly shaded or in low-light conditions. Therefore, you might choose BougeRV CIGS thin-film solar panels to provide higher stability for your off-grid photovoltaic system.

3. Lightweight and portability

More refined, making it an ideal power source for RV travel and camping. BougeRV CIGS thin-film solar panels provide the most lightweight and convenient flexible solar panels on the market. The CIGS flexible solar panel weighs only 1.84kg, only 1/4 of a rigid solar panel. And it can be easily rolled and carried anywhere you want.

4. Charge anywhere during the Travel

BougeRV CIGS flexible solar panel is perfect to get a start in solar, and great for off-grid applications. Use it for your RV/Van/Boat/Truck/Trailer while on the road or off-grid, the CIGS panel provides you with the most stable efficiency per space. 

5. Great efficiency

Compared to other thin-film technologies, CIGS modules offer superior efficiency. High-performance modules based on CIGS technology are already comparable to the efficiency of polycrystalline solar modules. What’s more, BougeRV CIGS flexible solar panel cooperates with MiaSolé, a manufacturer of lightweight, flexible, and robust solar cells and cell manufacturing equipment. All the flexible solar products are made by MiaSolé. Good quality and you can buy it with reassurance.

6. 100% Satisfaction

BougeRV new CIGS Flexible solar panel has 100, 200W. You can also connect the CIGS solar panel to a portable power station so that it can be charged for your need. It is flexible enough to power AC devices. 

Whether you need to use or design it externally, the BougeRV CIGS thin-film solar panel can meet your needs. Flexible, lightweight solar modules using this technology are particularly suitable for roofs and facades of buildings, greenhouses, transportation vehicles, airships, and portable electronic devices.

About BougeRV

BougeRV is a one-stop solar energy company dedicated to solar energy development and technology upgrading. At present, BougeRV has solar panels, portable power stations, solar controllers, and outdoor air conditioners. In the future, BougeRV will continue to promote the application of solar energy without forgetting why we start. Bring a better outdoor experience to users.

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