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Boosting Website Performance Through WordPress CDN

Ever since the evolution of e-commerce and online business systems, the world of content has changed for good. We keep hearing that content is the king which is quite right in many ways. Content is the only aspect of any website or an online platform through which a brand cannot just communicate its offers, objectives, and services, but it also decides in many cases, whether your brand will make a prominent presence in the hearts of the people or not. Keeping this in mind, the e-commerce and SEO experts have emphasized much on the importance of WordPress CDN and its impacts on one’s business presence, outreach, and monetary gains.

The CDN or content delivery network is used to ensure that your website’s content like the graphics, images, text, videos, stylesheets, etc., are delivered and presented to the viewer in the most impressive and unhindered manner. This is a network of a safe and authentic system that creates reliability and safety for your content and thus, your overall site. In technical terms, CDN is a network of various servers around the world or different points of presence (PoPs). These servers, ultimately reduce or end the distance between your brand/website and your potential customer through highly impressive deliverance and presentation of content.

Think about it: your website has been designed amazingly with impressive features and graphics but your CDN does not support the deliverance of those stylesheets to your viewers. This will be a huge waste of time and resources if your customer remains untouched by all the effort you have put into it. If the graphics are too heavy to be loaded in time for the viewer to remain on the page, or if they do not support all networks, the load time will increase the bounce rate of the website. Thus, to make things easier and conveyable, WordPress CDN comes to the rescue.

According to some experts, the average size of a website should be 1.998 Mb for desktops, and 1.778 Mb for mobiles, although Google’s standard recommendation is below 1.5Mb. Thus, slower websites are not even preferred by Google as well. This is where every website requires the help and functioning of a CDN.

How can WordPress CDN boost your website’s performance?

One of the most efficient and prominent impacts of the CDN is that it increases the website’s loading speed and provides a user0friendly experience. Apart from this, it also makes your website more crash-resistant in terms of time-outs or failed loadings. This ensures that the clustered geolocated servers are all connected and working in support of each other for the stable performance of webpages

Moreover, the CDN is highly responsible for enhancing your SEO ranking. This is due to the major hurdle being removed in the path i.e. slow loading speed of the site. After all, every end-user wants a high-speed and catchy site that could provide them with the service they are looking for. Thus, more speed and user-friendly experience, more users, and higher SEO rankings in the search engines.

In addition to these benefits, a CDN is also highly efficient when it comes to saving a website’s bandwidth. As every site is allotted a certain amount of bandwidth, high speed and smooth functioning of the site saves the bandwidth capacity which can be later used for increased performance. Thus, the lesser the loading time, the lesser the pressure or consumption of bandwidth.

Considering the many benefits of WordPress CDN, one can conclude that it is not just a necessary aspect of growth, but is also important for ensuring the steady performance of your brand in the online world. There are many ways one can benefit from the CDN systems, but how and to what extent you use them will determine your success rate.


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