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Boosting the Performance of Your Accounting Team


Your goal as a business owner of an accounting firm should be developing employees as well as systems. Then, even without your active management, the systems and the employees in your company should grow the firm. The secret to working ON your business rather than IN it is to do this guide.

You can use these three guidelines to assist your accounting employees produce their best work:

Create a Deep and Narrow Team Structure

What is the current state of your hiring process? Mis-hiring and hiring because your employees claim to be too busy is one of the costliest mistakes you can make in your business.

Building a firm that can run without you is dependent on your business team and its system. It’s not as simple as hiring an experienced person and you will just sit and wait on them to take on every task. This fails more often than it succeeds.

You must have a complete understanding about how team structure influences the function and development of the company. Because all queries, work, and demands fall squarely on your shoulders in a traditional shallow and wide team structure, you will remain a prisoner to your business. 

If you are also dependable on trying to find incredible people, who are difficult to find and costly to keep (and costly to lose!). A cost effective deep and narrow team structure allows you to create a resource mix that results in a strong team that is not completely dependent on you. Here are the top principles to follow to ensure proper team structure:

  • Place the qualified people in the suitable position.
  • Your team should have a no-bypass policy.
  • Manage your accounting firm communication and production by making use of accounting practice management software.

Capacity Planning Can Help You Optimize Your Production

Developing and implementing capacity planning, in our experience, is not gotten practically enough in practice.

We never let any of the companies I work with, recruit anybody else after they have finished a Capacity Planner. Because simply hiring more people to throw at the problem will never work.

It’s all about assembling the right set of skills. You can gain leverage and scale by assembling a team of people with complementary skills. In other words, 1 plus 1 GIVES 5.

If your team does not have the right mix of complementary skills, it will become highly clunky, inefficient, and you’ll lose productivity.

The Capacity Planner will tell you whether you are at or above capacity. Without this, the majority of your actions will be speculative. You need to be more scientific rather than simply guessing.

Through leadership, bring everything together

You’ll be able to step away from the business and increase gross profits while you’re at it if you place the right people in the proper positions and identify the finders, minders, and grinders in your company.

Yet it’s important to keep in mind that doing this relies heavily on effective leadership. You must possess the capacity for self-awareness and awareness of your influence on others if you want to improve as a leader.

You must have the ability to make wise business decisions, such as investing in an accounting project management software rather than doing project management manually, or in the balance sheet rather than focusing just on the P&L. You should focus on getting the greatest performance out of others.

You’ll be able to create a stronger culture, higher team productivity, and a responsible and goal-oriented workforce with the help of these tactics and superior leadership.


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