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Site Worker Unveils Workforce Platform and Free Training Program for Clean Energy Workers

MIAMI BEACH, Florida–Clean energy companies have a new way to connect with talent and subcontractors for their infrastructure projects. Site Worker, the creator of an online workforce marketplace and a free training program that upskills labor for sustainable energy workers, has begun its mission to streamline how America’s energy projects are staffed and completed, including biomass, energy storage, EV charging, solar, and wind.

Founder/CEO AJ Fusco states, “We have worked hard to target Site Worker’s services towards the needs of green companies and workers. Our vision is a sustainable energy industry that operates efficiently through the use of flexible labor, a large labor pool, speed to hire, double accountability of workers through pre-vetting and upfront reference checks, and payments that are processed within 3 business days of a project’s completion.”

Site Worker reveals that the number of workers upskilling through its free training program is growing. The company is helping many individuals from the solar sector in particular to learn skills for EV charging installation projects, among others.

“We are concerned about the lack of skilled labor for energy projects, so we have been working with companies to understand their needs and then training talent in the required skills for free,” says Site Worker. “We have also introduced gamification so that skilled workers who receive positive reviews from clients are more visible for future jobs.”

Fusco states that he hopes the services offered by Site Worker will simplify how the nation’s skilled workers and energy companies come together to make America’s infrastructure stronger and more efficient.

“The sector is growing, placing new demands on the people who clean up our world,” he says. “At Site Worker, we will work hard to empower them with the training and platform they need so that they can execute their jobs with confidence.”

Site Worker was founded by CEO AJ Fusco, a serial entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience in building workforce management technology, marketing, operations, recruiting, and subcontracting. The company’s mission is to help overcome the gap in the number of skilled workers available for America’s clean energy projects. Site Worker focuses on providing a large labor pool for both mid-size and Fortune 500 companies, pre-vetting talent, paying subcontractors within 3 business days, supplying clients with one bill, and gamifying the performance review process. The result is a workforce system that is streamlining how clean energy projects are executed.

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