Blockchain Development Isn’t the Only Cash Cow in Web3, Just Ask The PR Genius

The PR Genius (PRG) specializes in creating brand awareness through the endless possibilities of public relations. 

Their superpower? 

The team at PRG is adept at creating visibility specifically for blockchain and crypto startups, and they have a track record of helping clients substantially increase their revenues.

In fact, PRG managed to take its own revenue to seven figures within just one year. But what makes PRG so different from all the other PR agencies in existence, you might ask? It curates market insights through executive roundtables. This approach puts PRG clients front and center with their ideal customer profiles, all while helping clients collect market insights and, of course, drive sales. 

Let’s take a look under the hood and see how The PR Genius has done it.

The bread and butter of PRG 

Along with PRG’s team of knowledgeable experts, the company’s foundation rests upon its founder and CEO, Kim Than who has extensive knowledge when it comes to growing companies of any shape or size. 

Kim’s vision is all about shining light on new practices and magnifying the importance of innovative technologies. He believes that new technology is the path to irreversibly changing mankind for the better. 

Early in his career, Kim worked as an investment banking analyst in Paris and Hong Kong. He then went on to receive a master’s degree at the Imperial College of London before venturing out to work alongside unicorn startups. This is where Kim found his passion for innovation and new technologies. The experience led Kim to consider his greater purpose: Making a greater impact by venturing into entrepreneurship himself. 

Since then, the PRG CEO has seen several entrepreneurial successes. Other than the creation of PRG in 2020, he also formed a company called Scalerex with a similar mission. It uses growth hacking strategies and innovative tools to drive growth and sales. The company has helped its clients double their revenue in as little as six months! 

PRG: it’s about who you know and how you position yourself 

Over the years, Kim has successfully built connections with key executives all around the world. Clients on PRG’s roster automatically have a competitive advantage as Kim’s network is one way that he harnesses success for Web3 games, crypto projects, and blockchain initiatives. 

PRG hasn’t been around for very long, but that hasn’t stopped the company from hitting the ground running. In fact, The PR Genius has worked with leading Tier 1 media outlets including Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, NASDAQ, and more. 

In addition to leveraging key connections, PRG’s team of experts is incredibly successful at putting together story angles that are sure to get their clients recognized. The PR agency guarantees results. Not many companies can do the same.

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