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Blockchain AI Market 2022 Expectations & Growth Trends Highlighted Until 2032 

During the projected period, the worldwide blockchain AI market is estimated to reach US$ 2.8 billion, growing at a CAGR of 22.9 percent. In 2021, the market is expected to be worth USD 285.7 million, and in 2022, it will be worth USD 358 million. The increased monetization of consumer data through the use of blockchain can be credited to the market’s rise. 

Data monetization would make AI and advanced blockchain more accessible to growing businesses. In addition, continuous developments in AI, IoT, and big data technologies are important aspects that will shape the industry in the future. Furthermore, the market’s most significant potential opportunity has been identified as the growing need for the combination of blockchain and AI-based natural language processing among renowned and established companies.  

On the contrary, a lack of knowledge in the industry is projected to stymie market growth shortly. In addition, lack of knowledge, insufficient funding, and insufficient investments are all expected to stymie industry growth over the forecast period. 

Important Points to Remember 

  • In 2021, the worldwide blockchain AI market is expected to be worth USD 285.7 million. 
  • In 2032, the worldwide blockchain AI market will be worth USD 2.8 billion. 
  • The worldwide blockchain AI market is expected to develop at a rate of 22.9 percent each year. 
  • The platform segment is expected to grow by 21.3 percent. 
  • The cloud category is expected to grow by 20.6 percent. 
  • The US market is expected to generate USD 917.7 million, representing a 22.2 percent increase. 
  • China is expected to obtain a market value of USD 208.2 million, representing a 22.1 percent CAGR. 

Analysis of Competitors 

Alpha Networks, BurstIQ, NeuroChain Tech, Cyware, and Core Scientific are among the key companies in the worldwide blockchain AI market. 

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