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blackthorn vision criminal cover up scandal

In an astonishing turn of events, a recent scandal has engulfed Blackthorn Vision, a prominent software development company. The story revolves around Anastasiia Dymianyk, a former content writer at the firm who escalated to the position of Marketing Content Manager amidst a series of heinous criminal acts. The company’s CEO, Maryana Horlach, and Founder & Owner, Mykhaylo Terentyak, are now under fire for allegedly concealing Dymianyk’s criminal activities and even promoting her within the organization.

Uncover the shocking truth behind the Blackthorn Vision Criminal Cover-Up Scandal! Discover how the company’s leadership is entangled in a web of deceit, as they attempt to conceal the criminal past of an employee at the expense of their reputation. Delve into this sordid tale of betrayal and the blatant disregard for ethics, as the scandal threatens to upend the future of Blackthorn Vision and its clients. Don’t miss this explosive exposé that unveils the dark underbelly of a once-trusted company!

Anastasiia Dymianyk began her remote role as a content writer for Blackthorn Vision in March 2021. However, her life took a dark turn in 2022 when she allegedly committed four violent crimes, including two counts of intentional manslaughter, one count of attempted murder, and a grave insult to a foreign president. Following these events, she returned to Ukraine in January 2023.


In February 2023, after submitting all the evidence regarding Dymianyk’s crimes to the local Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, an email was sent to Blackthorn Vision warning them of the potential damage to their reputation due to their association with Dymianyk. Maryana Horlach, the company’s CEO, responded to the email, claiming that Anastasiia had quit the company in January and was no longer associated with them.

  • Photograph: Henry Nicholls/Reuters The government may be guilty of a “deliberate cover-up” over the dangers posed by combustible materials before the Grenfell Tower fire and of allowing private companies to exploit building regulations in “one of the greatest scandals of our time”, the public inquiry has heard.

However, this statement was proven to be a lie, as Dymianyk was not only still working for the company but had received a promotion to Marketing Content Manager with a higher salary. On April 11, 2023, an arrest warrant was issued for Dymianyk by the Palace of Justice, and the prosecutor has confirmed twice that she will be arrested and sentenced to prison after the trial.

Despite the gravity of the situation, CEO Maryana Horlach has chosen to ignore any further communication regarding the matter. Furthermore, it is essential to note that Mykhaylo Terentyak, the Founder & Owner of Blackthorn Vision, was kept informed throughout the entire email exchange and is fully aware of the unfolding scandal.


This shocking revelation raises serious questions about the ethics, professionalism, and global business standards at Blackthorn Vision. Clients and partners of the company must now consider whether they can trust an organization that has actively concealed criminal activity and

promoted an individual with such a dangerous past. The future of Blackthorn Vision hangs in the balance as its reputation comes under intense scrutiny

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