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Bitrue at ETH Taipei 2024 Following Ethereum Dencun Upgrade

Bitrue at ETH Taipei 2024 Following Ethereum Dencun Upgrade

Bitrue, a leading centralized crypto exchange, participated in ETH Taipei 2024, underscoring the company’s commitment to the Ethereum community and embracing the rapid growth of the Taiwanese market. Bitrue will engage in insightful discussions at the event to understand the new opportunities for the platform and its user base after the latest Ethereum Dencun upgrade. 

Recently, the Dencun upgrade went live, representing a monumental leap forward for the Ethereum network. The upgrade promises to introduce significant enhancements and optimize transaction efficiency and scalability. Bitrue has been closely following this update – and intends to align with the Ethereum roadmap.

Taiwan, where the event will take place, is one of the fastest-growing crypto markets in Southeast Asia. Last year, crypto transactions grew more than 30% in the country.  A sizable part of the country’s youth population leverages crypto as an asset class; over 50% of investors are aged between 18 and 24. Bitrue understands the potential of the growing market and aims to stay at the forefront of community discussions, concerns, and opportunities. Attending the ETH Taipei will help the exchange build a more grounded relationship with Taiwan’s blockchain and crypto community and demonstrate its commitment to the growing market.

ETH Taipei 2024 took place from March 21 to March 24 at the iconic POPOP Taipei venue, in the bustling heart of the capital. The event is expected to draw a motley crew of attendees, ranging from blockchain enthusiasts and developers to industry leaders and Ethereum experts, making it a melting pot of ideas and innovations. The conference agenda is packed with insightful talks, hands-on workshops, and panel discussions focusing on the latest trends and developments in the Ethereum ecosystem. One of the most anticipated highlights is a keynote speech of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who will share his insights on the network’s progress and future roadmap.

Vitalik Buterin Highlights Staking Challenges at ETHTaipei 2024

In his keynote address at ETHTaipei 2024, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin focused on the current challenges surrounding Ethereum staking. He highlighted the low participation rate, with only 25% of staked ETH actively contributing. Centralization risks from relay operators and builders were also addressed, alongside concerns related to MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) and solo staking limitations.

Buterin proposed a potential paradigm shift in staking technology. He discussed the concept of “rainbow staking,” a two-tiered system where one set of validators signs every block and faces slashing penalties, while another set participates less frequently without such penalties. This, along with exploring adjustments to reward structures and investigating long-term staking solutions for passive holders, represents a key area of future research for the Ethereum ecosystem. Buterin emphasized the need for a robust staking design that ensures the long-term health and security of the network.

The event’s main themes include the evolution of DeFi, advancements in blockchain technology, and the exploration of new use cases for Ethereum following its significant upgrades. 

Following the conference, a three-day hackathon (March 22-24) invites developers to form teams and compete in blockchain apps development. This hackathon emphasizes learning and collaboration, providing a perfect chance for hands-on experience in a supportive environment. Participation is free, and the event includes workshops and expert talks.

ETH Taipei is an ideal platform for Bitrue to engage with the global blockchain community, exchange ideas with other industry pioneers, and explore potential collaborations. The event’s focus on innovation, learning, and community building resonates with Bitrue’s mission to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and contribute to the growth of the digital economy.

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