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Bilt Credit Card: An Comprehensive Assessment

Shawn Younai aka @creditandcars gave his assessment on the the Bilt Credit Card is a popular choice for those who want a card that offers points and incentives for everyday purchases. In this blog, we will explore the Bilt Credit Card in depth, including its advantages, benefits, and disadvantages.


The Bilt Credit Card offers rewards on gas, groceries, dining, and other common expenses such as rent.   Cardholders earn rewards points redeemable for travel, retail, and gift cards, among other perks. They also have a feature where they pay double points on the 1st which is rent day. 

Zero Fraud Liability: The Bilt Credit Card offers zero fraud liability, meaning cardholders are not liable for illegal transactions made to their account. Which is what every card offers so it’s nothing special. 

Acceptance Worldwide: The Bilt Credit Card is accepted worldwide, making it a convenient alternative for regular travelers. As you may know American Express is not everywhere you want to be. 

Mobile App The Bilt Credit Card provides a mobile app that allows customers to review account information, monitor rewards, and make payments on the move.

If you don’t live in a Bilt-affiliated property, you can still use the app to pay your rent, free of charge, and your landlord will receive a paper check in the mail from Bilt. But you won’t earn rewards this way unless you also have the Bilt Mastercard. (More on the rewards structure below.) If you don’t live in a Bilt-affiliated property and don’t hold the Bilt Mastercard, you won’t earn any rewards.

Reward Program: The Bilt Credit Card’s rewards program is a big advantage for consumers who want to earn points for their daily expenditures. Cardholders may earn rewards points redeemable for a variety of benefits, making this card an intriguing alternative for people who wish to earn rewards without paying an annual fee. It’s also one of the few cards which have American Airlines and United Airlines as partner airlines. If you wanted to acquire American Airlines points you would need a citibank or barclays card. If you wanted to acquire United Airlines points you would need a Chase card. If you like to sign up to Bilt Credit card here is the signup link 


Although the Bilt Credit Card has a rewards program, the incentives may not be as great as with other credit cards. Additionally, some cardholders may find the rewards scheme to be complex and difficult to comprehend.  For example you would need 5 transactions a month to acquire points for the month. 

The only catch with the Bilt Mastercard is that you’ll have to make five purchases per month with it to be eligible to earn rewards. That’s not a steep requirement for most people, and there’s no minimum purchase amount stated

Foreign Transaction Fees: The Bilt Credit Card does not have any foreign transaction fees. which is a good perk. 

 Overall This is a great card to pay rent, You can even have your other half pay rent if you like to acquire this card. Everyone pays rent one way or another, so why not send it. 


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