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BILD reported that the crime occurred at or near the school at around 10:10 German time

The motive of the attacker is still unknown.

The suspect was reported to have fled the scene and was being sought by authorities just after 9am German Time (8am BST).

RTL News quoted a spokesperson for police who said that it was impossible for him to be on school grounds.

Reutlingen Police stated that this morning their helicopter was being used for a “police operations”.

The official Twitter account of the force responded to questions about the nature and scope of the operation shortly after 9 AM German time. It stated that “Operational Measures are currently underway following an assault offense.”

One user asked, “How are they?” Are they severely injured?

Workers at Reutlingen stated that they could not provide any details on the matter right now. We will refer to the press release that will be issued.

After suffering severe stab wounds, the victims were taken to hospital.

This area’s schools are closed during the Whitsun holiday season. Regular classes are not offered.
However, some people were still present to supervise children.

Michael Schaal, Reutlingen’s police press spokesperson, confirmed that the following was true for FOCUS Online: “The mother and child are severely injured and in hospital.”

BILD reported that the crime occurred at or near the school at around 10:10 German time. It was not clear if the child and the mother were part of the supervision holiday programme.

The Special Deployment Commando arrived at the Katharinenschule School to assist. It has been more than three months since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine. According to the Kremlin, it was a “special military operations” that demilitarized its ex-Soviet neighbor. There is speculation that Putin’s obsession with religion may be influencing his thoughts.

Russia’s President was born to a Christian mother. He is well-known for wearing a crucifix around the neck all his life.

Although President Putin, like many Russians, is a follower and adherent of the Orthodox Church; the state is officially secular.

There are significant differences between Russian Orthodoxy and Western religious ideals.

He stated that Russian Orthodoxy had been a guardian of the true faith for centuries, in contrast to Western Catholicism or Protestantism.

According to legend, Moscow is the third Rome and the seat of true Christendom after Constantinople.

Tooley said that Russian Orthodoxy was almost always a “cheerleading, nationalist subordinate” to the state.

When it is considered that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was given autonomy from Russia three years ago, the theological conditions in Ukraine and Russia are increasingly troubling.

While a small portion of the Orthodox Church in Kyiv still recognizes Russian authority as a valid source of Orthodox faith, the schism has increased.

According to Harry Farley of the BBC, President Putin sees himself as a “messianic figure and a saviour” in order to reunite Eastern Orthodox Churches under Moscow.

Petro Poroshenko, then-president of Ukraine, referred to the split as “historic”.

He stated that “This day will be remembered in history as a holy day.” The day of Russia’s final independence.

Past President Putin was coy about his religious beliefs, including his views on God.

He was especially ambiguous about the subject when he was interviewed by Time Magazine in 2007.

He was asked by the outlet about his faith and how it affects politics and public policy. His response was measured.

He stated that “First and foremost, it is important to govern ourselves by common sense. However, common sense should not be founded on moral principles.

“And it’s not possible to have morality separate from religious values today. I won’t expand because I don’t want to impose on others my views.

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