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Why online collaboration is important for businesses today 


Over the past few years, businesses have relied on online collaboration tools like never before. The online collaboration enabled remote workers worldwide to continue working from home during the pandemic lockdowns.

Post-pandemic, most businesses have embraced a flexible approach by allowing a hybrid working environment, except for a few companies that seem determined to get everyone back into the office. This made organizations invest in online collaboration platforms enabling hybrid teams to function well. Organizations are drawn to use online collaboration tools as they are affordable and enable workers to collaborate on projects from any location, at any time, using any internet-enabled device.  The truth is that working together online has more benefits. Let us examine how it helps businesses today.

Why online collaboration is required for businesses

When used properly, online collaboration tools can greatly benefit your team. Let’s see some of the benefits of using these tools.

  • Saved time – In any industry, doing more in less time is important, and the more time you can save, the more productive your teams will be. Employees who work together save your organization time by completing tasks more quickly. Information is easily accessible, and team members can collaborate in real-time regardless of where they are.
  • Strengthened team relationships – Since your team is like a family in many ways, developing effective working relationships among members is important. Business collaboration tools allow employees to feel more at ease when working together. The online tools connect employees to one another and expose your company’s culture while moving projects forward.
  • Improved project management – Managing a project and a remote team is difficult. Online collaboration is an excellent way to ensure that your team makes the most of their time, communicates effectively, and avoids costly mistakes. When people work together and have the right tools, they can communicate and collaborate, dramatically reducing the likelihood of major setbacks.
  • Enhanced organization – When you are in the middle of a project, it is easy for information to go missing, which wastes time and slows progress. Every company should strive for the strong internal organization because it provides structure to team members and keeps work on track. Because they are designed for collaboration, team collaboration tools such as Clariti are often the best solutions for improving internal workflows and processes.

Advantages of Online Collaboration

Online collaboration allows teams and individuals to collaborate even when geographically separated. There is no need to wait until everyone is in one place or to postpone meetings because someone is out of town. The benefits of using collaborative tools like Clariti, enabled by the internet, are limitless. Among the benefits of online collaboration are the following:

  1. It is easier to organize meetings

Meetings are simple to organize when using online collaboration tools. Using video conferencing software, you can invite many people without worrying about where they will sit or park. The location does not affect who is invited, which increases team inclusion. Furthermore, you can record, share, and archive meeting links with those who are not present.

  1. You can complete work faster

Online collaboration brings cross-functional teams together and encourages employees to share ideas and knowledge while supporting one another. Online collaboration, whether within companies or in open communities, fosters creativity and innovative solutions because each person brings a unique perspective and experience.

  1. You can save overhead costs

Online collaboration reduces the amount of time spent commuting and travelling. Workers can roll out of bed and into the office without wasting time. It is less expensive to plan and manage meetings with stakeholders worldwide. When resources, such as office and meeting space, are required, team members can make specific decisions about allocation, such as whether it is more impactful to spend money on a meeting or event or meet online.

  1. It is easier to manage projects

Online collaboration facilitates project management and synchronization of project-related conversations. Collaboration software automates the creation and distribution of reports to business heads who are involved. An online collaboration improves visibility while working on a project and guides team members to complete their tasks within set deadlines. Online collaboration can significantly increase project completion rates as stakeholders, and team members can meet and update each other without time and location constraints.

  1. Enhanced team and individual productivity

Employee flexibility and productivity are now possible in previously unthinkable ways. Workers can optimize their time allocation to balance work and personal responsibilities. Employees can work at their most productive hours and schedule check-ins with colleagues who are away.

To be sure, online collaboration is not without its challenges. There are some drawbacks and disadvantages, but they do not outweigh the benefits. When you have the right collaborative tools to facilitate and encourage online collaboration, your teams are more likely to embrace it.

Which is the best online collaboration tool

How many emails do you send to coworkers daily? And how long does it usually take to update your team on goals or progress? If your responses cringe, you should consider upgrading your collaboration tools.

The use of online collaboration tools by businesses is becoming more popular. Technology provides numerous options for everything from communication to project management. Every year, new online collaboration tools emerge, while existing ones continue to improve their features and functionality.

Businesses rely on online tools to help employees collaborate with offices in multiple cities and more employees working remotely. Instant messaging and video conferencing enable your employees to work on the same project from anywhere using their desktop computers, mobile phones, or tablets. Clariti is an online collaboration tool that combines emails, chats, calls, cloud documents and social feeds into a single app. Instead of being a source of distraction, it can be used as a productivity tool.

 Final thoughts

Online collaboration is a great place to start when looking to improve business processes and workflows. The advantages of online collaboration tools are numerous: they save time and effort while fostering a more collaborative work environment that promotes creativity.

Clariti combines all your emails, chats, to-dos, cloud documents and more in one app to boost workplace productivity significantly. There is no need to waste time switching between apps for email, chat, call and to-do lists. You can do everything from a single app and have them intelligently connected by context, ensuring no information silos. Several studies have demonstrated that organizations implementing a collaboration tool like Clariti have seen increased productivity.

Clariti is a cloud-based collaboration tool ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve team collaboration and productivity. It is hosted securely on Amazon Web Services, ensuring total dependability, 100% uptime, and trusted security for all your workday data. Clariti is free; you can sign up now and enjoy the benefits.


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